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Plan Your Success

plan your success

Gain insight from employees, clients and sales data to help you effectively plan for your future and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Service Offerings:

Opportunity Workshop

Description: Workshop to identify key, near-term initiatives aligned with your corporate strategy and current position.

Benefits: Workshop to identify key, near-term initiatives aligned with your corporate strategy and current position.

  • Online surveys for leaders/employees
  • Leader interview
  • 1 day leaders workshop

Pulse Check

Description: Business and workforce assessment tool to identify opportunities to increase sales and employee productivity.

Benefits: Measurably increase performance in your organization or business channel.

  • Online survey
  • Results conference call

Strategic Sales Planning

Description: Consultative process to grow your sales relationally as a strategic partner/advisor.

Benefits: Customized strategic sales strategies to solidify your client relationships and interdependencies.

  • Share sales statistics/measurements
  • 1 hour conference call
  • 1/2 day on-site strategy session
  • Follow up calls as needed

Executive Coaching

Description: Focus on skills, abilities and behaviors leading to improved business performance and results.

Benefits: Grow yourself and enact change leading to lasting results in business, influence, and life.

  • Participant commitment
  • Willingness to reach outside comfort zone

Build Your Team

build your team

Build a team with a culture of aligned priorities, effective leadership, and engaged employees through effective recruitment, selection and leadership development.

Service Offerings:

Effective Sales Communication

Description: Build relationships with your customers to drive sales.

Benefits: Gain the insights to utilize effective communication skills by understanding how to best listen to others.

  • 30 minute eLearning course

Bayer Coaching Course

Description: Raise employee engagement and productivity through coaching skills.

Benefits: Increase employee engagement and create a powerful workforce by growing employees through self-discovery, initiative and accountability.

  • Prework self-assessment
  • 1-day session
  • 30 min follow-up coaching session

Performance Management

Description: Set common goals with employees and review performance regularly.

Benefits: Enhance productivity through common goal setting and regular performance conversations.

  • 6-hour instructor led course

Bayer Leadership Curriculum

Description: Decision Making, Change Management, Communication, Delegation, Emotional Intelligence, and Problem Solving.

Benefits: Prepare your managers to be successful through leadership and influence skills.

  • Change Management (2)
  • Communication (6)
  • Decision Making (2)
  • Delegation (1)
  • Emotional Intelligence (4)
  • Problem Solving (2)

Grow Your Business

grow your business

Experience business growth through effective marketing strategy, customer sales training and sales management with an increase in customer service and loyalty.

Service Offerings:

Key Account Planning – Instructor Led

Description: Learn what makes a good account plan, best practices, and how to gain commitment.

Benefits: Recognize changing customer dynamics, emerging customer segments, and implications for field sales efforts.

  • 6-hour instructor led course

Key Account Planning – eLearning

Description: Identify key accounts, use tools to create and take appropriate action.

Benefits: Define and recognize the benefits of key account planning.

  • 30 minute eLearning course

Strategic Marketing Program

Description: Create a marketing plan with a clearly defined marketing direction for your business.

Benefits: Walk away with a custom-developed marketing plan and strategic marketing direction.

  • 8 hour facilitated session

Solution Selling Services

Description: Fundamental sales skills: communicating value, uncovering customer needs, handling objections, and closing.

Benefits: Learn to communicate value, uncover customer needs, handle objections, and close the sale.

  • 1 day workshop
  • SWOT analysis
  • Prework

Selling the Value

Description: How to sell value over products.

Benefits: Gain the ability to deliver a more relevant customer experience.

  • 6.5 hours instructor-led training course

Employ Your Technology

employ your technology

Employ technology to your advantage by unleashing the power of data you’ve collected and integrating that information to develop insights so that you can make informed decisions.

Service Offerings:

Data Analytics Program

Description: Use data analytic tools to improve business intelligence and decision making.

Benefits: Make faster, more informed business decisions, backed up by facts.

  • Discovery
  • Needs analysis

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Description: Proprietary online tool to measure strategic engagement of a business entity or market segment.

Benefits: Real, time-phased data regarding partnership levels to support strategic and tactical decision making.

  • 1-hour webinar session

Learning Management System Portal Development

Description: Technology-agnostic learning portal to streamline your organization’s learning. Full integration and implementation for your LMS.

Benefits: Improve outcomes and performance through convenient, targeted training for your workforce or clients.

  • Discovery
  • Needs analysis

To schedule a business service solution or talk further with a Bayer Services Solutions team member, please contact our services solutions director, Shane Myrick, at (919) 610-3126 or

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