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Introducing Bayer PLUS Rewards

It's more than just a rewards program. Our broad portfolio of high-performance products is built to help you meet your toughest challenges with more choice, flexibility and simplicity than ever. There’s no need to keep track of paperwork; we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your operation. Simply choose the products that are right for your farm — and earn rewards on eligible purchases along the way. With Bayer PLUS Rewards, you own the decision, the rewards and how you use them. That's the advantage of more control in your hands. That’s the PLUS.

Signing up is easy.

Step 1
Have your Technology ID handy. If you can't find your Technology ID, don't worry. We'll help you look it up as you sign up.

Step 2
Complete our quick and simple Bayer PLUS Rewards registration form. Click the "Sign Up Now" button above. We'll ask you for a little bit of information and help you look up or create your Technology ID.

Step 3
Validate your account. Simply click the link in your validation email or opt to receive a verification code on your phone, and you're done!

Buy what you need and watch your rewards grow.

Bayer product portfolio incentives
Only eligible product purchases will qualify. Incentives will be calculated starting with the highest acre product.

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Roundup/XtendiMax incentives

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Agronomic add-ons brand incentive

Example of 5 Product Reward Calculation**

example charts

**Rebates paid starting with highest acre product first


Earn rewards on eligible Bayer purchases – no matter how you build your program.
Ready to get rewarded?


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Get the specifics.

  • You can earn incentives on up to 5 Bayer products.
  • You must operate in qualifying geography and purchase from an authorized retailer between Sep. 1, 2019, and Aug. 31, 2020.
  • You must have at least $1,500 in Bayer PLUS Rewards rebates at the time of redemption to claim incentives.
  • Redemptions requested between May 2020, and Oct. 31, 2020, will be limited to 50% of the grower's estimated earned incentives at the time of redemption and must exceed $500.



Here’s what else growers want to know about Bayer PLUS Rewards.

What if I don’t remember, or cannot find, my Technology ID?

If you can’t find your Technology ID at the time of sign-up you will be able to 1) look up your ID, 2) create a new ID, 3) use your Bayer Innovation Plus Loyalty ID, or 4) contact the CIC for assistance.

Will the program rewards roll over from year to year?

No, Bayer PLUS Rewards will not roll over from year to year. For instance, points earned in Market Year 2020 will expire April 30th 2021, and the account will be reset before redemption for the next year begins.

What will my redemption options be?

You will be able to enter the payee information according to your preference. You can determine who the check is written to, and where it is mailed for each redemption request. You must have $1500 in Bayer PLUS Rewards to request redemption, with a minimum amount of $500 per check.

Will I be able to see all of the products that I’ve purchased?

Yes, you will have visibility into the purchases that your retailer(s) have reported related to your Technology ID(s).

Will you ensure that the head of the farm will receive all rebates?

Rebates for all Bayer PLUS Rewards will be calculated and paid at the Farm Unit/Head Farm level. The Head Grower is the only person who can request the redemption.

All product portfolio incentives rebates will be limited to 5 products. Incentives will be calculated starting with the highest acre product first.

What if I buy both Asgrow® soybeans and DEKALB® corn? Does it count as two products?

All seed acres are added together to count as one product.

What about the Horticulture or specialty crop programming for Market Year 2020?

Horticulture and specialty products have programming that falls under the Bayer PLUS umbrella to address specific regional needs. Visit our Rewards Programs page to learn about other Bayer PLUS programs.

What about the Grower Financing for Market Year 2020?

Download the flyer for details on Grower Finance programming for Market Year 2020.

What geographies qualify for the Bayer PLUS Rewards program?

The Bayer PLUS Rewards Program is valid in all states with the exceptions of Alaska, Hawaii and California.

What products are included in Bayer Plus Rewards? What are the match rates for those products?

See the complete list of participating products above, and get more information about match rates on the Terms & Conditions page.

What seed brands will be included in the Bayer PLUS Rewards program?

The program will include DEKALB® Corn, DEKALB® Canola, DEKALB® Sorghum, Asgrow® Soybeans and Deltapine® Cotton.

What products are included in the Bayer PLUS Rewards program?

See above for a complete list.

Will Bayer PLUS Rewards issue 1099s for rebates?

We do not provide 1099s on rebates.

Will I need to report my own sales information?

The retailer(s) will report Grower Sales Data so you will not have to do any reporting to have your rewards calculated.

Will Valent® brands be included in the Bayer PLUS Rewards program?

Yes, Valent® brands are included in Bayer PLUS Rewards.

Talk to your Bayer representative or your retailer to learn more about Bayer PLUS Rewards.

More questions? Contact support.

Call us at (877) 976-8286
Monday–Friday 8:00AM–5:00PM EST
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