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Introducing Bayer PLUS Vegetable

Feeding the world. Getting rewarded.
That's the PLUS.
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High-Performance Products
Earn cash back on best-in-class Bayer vegetable protection.
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Enjoy incentives designed specifically for vegetable producers.
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Introducing Bayer PLUS Vegetable

It’s more than just a rewards program — it’s a program designed with you in mind. Our vegetable producers work hard to overcome the challenges that face the industry, and we think investment in best-in-class agronomic solutions is worth rewarding.

Earn rewards on the products that work for you, while we handle paperwork so you can focus on your operation. With Bayer PLUS Vegetable, you own the decision, the rewards and how you use them. That's the advantage of more control in your hands. That’s the PLUS.

Buy the products you need and watch your rewards grow.

Innovation product incentives chart
Vegetable program portfolio eligible products
*Incentive is calculated based on Redemption Price (SAP Base Invoice Price).Incentivized purchases do not qualify for payment in any other 2020 Bayer PLUS Programming

Example Rewards Calculation

Example vegetable program rewards calculation

Earn rewards on these eligible Bayer purchases.

Get the specifics.

  • You must purchase a minimum of 3 Innovation products to qualify for rewards incentives.
  • You must purchase a minimum of $50,000 in Participating products to qualify for rewards incentives.
  • Purchases receiving incentives in this rebate offer are ineligible for incentives in other Bayer PLUS rebate offers.
  • Growers must operate in qualifying geography and purchase from an authorized retailer between 9/1/2019 and 8/31/2020.
  • Growers must have at least $500.00 in Bayer PLUS rebates at the time of redemption to claim incentive.
  • Redemptions requested between May 1, 2020 and October 31, 2020 will be limited to 50% of the grower’s estimated incentives at the time of redemption and must exceed $500.00.  .


Signing up is easy. We’ll walk you through it.

Step 1
Get your Technology ID ready. Don’t have it? We’ll help you look it up (or create a new one). What is a Technology ID and why do I need one?

Step 2
Provide a few details to create a new Bayer account and register for Bayer PLUS Vegetable.

Step 3
Validate your account via email or verification code to complete your registration and start earning rewards.

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Here’s what else growers want to know about Bayer PLUS Vegetable.

What if I don’t remember, or cannot find, my Technology ID?

If you can’t find your Technology ID at the time of sign-up you will be able to 1) look up your ID, 2) create a new ID, 3) use your Bayer Innovation Plus Loyalty ID, or 4) contact the CIC for assistance.

Will the program rewards roll over from year to year?

No, Bayer PLUS Vegetable will not roll over from year to year. For instance, points earned in Market Year 2020 will expire April 30th 2021, and the account will be reset before redemption for the next year begins.

What will my redemption options be?

You will be able to enter the payee information according to your preference. You can determine who the check is written to, and where it is mailed for each redemption request. You must have $500 in Bayer PLUS Vegetable to request redemption, with a minimum amount of $500 per check.

Will I be able to see all of the products that I’ve purchased?

Yes, you will have visibility into the purchases that your retailer(s) have reported related to your Technology ID(s).

Will you ensure that the head of the farm will receive all rebates?

Rebates for Bayer PLUS Vegetable will be calculated and paid at the Farm Unit/Head Farm level. The Head Farmer is the only person who can request the redemption.

What about the Grower Financing for Market Year 2020?

Download the flyer for details on Grower Finance programming for Market Year 2020.

What geographies qualify for the Bayer PLUS Vegetable program?

The Bayer PLUS Vegetable program is valid in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

What products are included in the Bayer PLUS Vegetable program?

Innovation and Participating products are listed above. See the Terms & Conditions page for a detailed list of eligible products and match rates.

Will Bayer PLUS Vegetable issue 1099s for rebates?

We do not provide 1099s on rebates.

Will I need to report my own sales information?

The retailer(s) will report Grower Sales Data so you will not have to do any reporting to have your rewards calculated.

Talk to your Bayer representative or your retailer to learn more about Bayer PLUS Vegetable.

More questions? Contact support.

Call us at (877) 976-8286
Monday–Friday 8:00AM–5:00PM EST
Send us a message
through our support page.

Always read and follow label directions.

Bayer CropScience LP registers its products in the United States in accordance with and to meet U.S. regulatory standards. Such products are sold for labelled uses only and must be used only in accordance with all label instructions. Bayer recognizes that growers and exporting entities can participate in the global export markets for their commodities. However, standards, interpretation of those standards and testing procedures can vary significantly from country to country, and are subject to change. As such, while it will strive to assist growers by providing available information, Bayer cannot guarantee that meeting U.S. residue or tolerance standards will ensure compliance with maximum residue levels (MRLs) or other standards in place in importing countries. Growers and exporting entities are responsible to educate themselves about export markets and their requirements. If a grower or exporter is concerned about meeting any MRLs for an active ingredient or related metabolite, then testing for residues should be considered as an option to ensure residue levels are compliant with the applicable MRL.

ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Not all products are registered in all states and may be subject to use restrictions. Movento® MPC, Movento® 240 SC, Luna® Experience, Luna® Sensation, Luna® Tranquility, Sivanto® HL, Sivanto® Prime, Velum® Prime, Aliette®, Baythroid® XL, Flint® Extra, Leverage® 360, Oberon® 2SC, Previcur® Flex, Proline® 480 SC, Propulse®, Serenade® ASO, and Serenade® Opti are not registered in all states and may be subject to use restrictions. The distribution, sale, or use of an unregistered pesticide is a violation of federal and/or state law and is strictly prohibited. Check with your local dealer or representative for the product registration status in your state.

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All About Technology IDs

When you use this unique number to purchase agricultural products like seeds and insecticides, we’ll be able to keep track of your purchases (and your rewards) so you can skip the paperwork.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for Bayer PLUS Rewards and link your Technology ID.
  2. Use your Technology ID at retailers when purchasing product to earn rewards.
  3. Track your rewards on your account page and redeem them how you want.

Don’t have a Technology ID?

No problem. We’ll help you create one later in the sign up process.

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