Certified FiberMax Program

Why 100% Certified FiberMax Cotton®?

By certifying your 100% FiberMax® cotton, you verify that your lint is the FiberMax cotton that consistently meets the stringent quality standards of the textile industry. Producing 100% Certified FiberMax Cotton gives you the opportunity to sell lint famous for its superior length, strength, micronaire and uniformity. The kind of cotton the world demands.

Certify Your FiberMax Cotton

Crop Science has developed the Certified FiberMax Cotton program to help increase worldwide demand for your FiberMax cotton. Through domestic and international promotions, Crop Science has invested in reinforcing the value of your FiberMax cotton to leading fabric mills and garment makers. This enhances the demand potential for your crop.

Now the program has expanded to include the apparel and home furnishings markets through an exclusive licensing agreement with Olah, Inc., a global textile and apparel leader with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. The Olah cotton, textile and apparel professionals work with textile companies and retail brands throughout the world helping to build a strong demand for your Certified FiberMax Cotton.

To learn more about your Certified FiberMax Cotton licensing partner, visit www.olahinc.com.

Sign Up Now for the Certified FiberMax Program

To help build demand for 100% Certified FiberMax Cotton from your fields to the final consumer, Crop Science has developed a unique certification program. This program helps assure textile mills and garment makers they are receiving 100% Certified FiberMax lint.

To request a Certified FiberMax Cotton registration form:

It’s a Simple Two-Step Process with No Cost to You

To certify your 100% FiberMax cotton, just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Submit your completed and signed grower registration form to a Crop Science representative or to: 

    Certified FiberMax Cotton Headquarters 
    3223 South Loop 289, Suite 325 
    Lubbock, TX 79423 

    or Fax: 806-765-8876 

  2. Submit your bale numbers.  Submit the USDA Permanent Bale Identification Numbers or your FiberMax cotton with gin codes and your farm name as you entered it on the registration form for verification, or identify your FiberMax modules at the gin for them to register your bales with your account number and farm name.

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