2018 Innovation Plus Bayer Rewards Programs

When it comes to growing, every seed, every ounce, every acre counts. Help maximize your profits with 2018 Innovation Plus Program rebates. Select your crop(s) below to see available programs.

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ – Autumn™ Super Program

    Participating Crops: Corn, Soybeans

    Earn $2 per acre in the Innovation Plus™ program by simply purchasing and applying Autumn™ Super herbicide to treat a minimum of 80 acres. Then on the same acres, follow your Autumn Super application by treating with Corvus®, Balance® Flexx, Capreno®, DiFlexx® DUO, Liberty® and/or Scoparia™ herbicide.

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ – Cereals Grower Program

    Participating crops: Cereals

    Earn up to $4/A in cash-equivalent rebates on your cereals portfolio purchases on matched acres through the Innovation Plus™ program! Purchase at least two qualifying products from an authorized Bayer retailer or distributor with a minimum purchase of $10,000 to earn your rewards.

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ Program for Florida Citrus

    Participating crops: Citrus

    Get cash back for your citrus purchases in the Innovation Plus™ program! Get a cash-equivalent rebate of up to 9% when you purchase at least two Innovation Products — Alion® herbicide, Movento® MPC insecticide, Sivanto™ Prime1 insecticide and/or Velum® Prime nematicide — at a minimum of $50,000! Once qualification minimums are met, earn even more cash back on the portfolio of Participating Citrus Products!

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ – Grower Finance Program

    Participating Crops: Canola, Cereals, Corn, Cotton, Horticulture, Peanut, Potato, Soybean, Sugarbeet

    Earn your payoff in yields and get great financing on your Bayer purchases! Growers who make a $10,000 initial purchase of two or more Bayer products according to the requirements below can qualify for 0% interest!

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ – Grower Fungicide Application Finance Program

    Participating Crops: Canola, Cereals, Corn, Horticulture, Peanut, Soybean

    Get financing for your qualifying fungicide application cost with a cash-equivalent points rebate of up to $10/acre when you participate in the Innovation Plus™ Grower Fungicide Application Finance Program! Eligible products include Stratego® YLD, Delaro™, Proline®, Prosaro® and Absolute® Maxx fungicide purchased from an authorized Bayer and John Deere Financial and/or Rabo AgriFinance retailer1.

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ - Liberty®/LibertyLink® Grower Residual Program

    Participating crops: Cotton, Soybean

    Earn up to $2/A on your soybean or cotton acres when you purchase LibertyLink® Stoneville®, LibertyLink FiberMax® cotton seed or LibertyLink soybeans and Liberty® herbicide plus the qualifying match rate of Residual Herbicide as indicated below.

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ – Proline® Match-up Program

    Participating crops:Canola, Corn, Peanut, Soybean, Sugarbeet, Pulse crops

    When purchase minimums are met, receive a cash-equivalent rebate of $1.00/fl oz of Proline® 480 SC fungicide when you match it with a qualifying product. Growers who match Proline with Flint® Extra fungicide will also receive a cash-equivalent rebate equal to $2.25/fl oz of Flint® Extra and/or Gem® 500SC.

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ – Southern “3+” Vegetable Program

    Get cash-equivalent rewards in the Innovation Plus™ program when you purchase at least three Innovation Products at qualifying volumes with a total qualifying purchase of at least $50,000.

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ – Southern Row Crop Program

    Participating Crops: Cereals, Corn, Cotton, Peanut, Rice, Sorghum, Soybean

    Earn a cash-equivalent rebate of 3% plus even more with the two incentive offers below.

  • 2018 Innovation Plus™ – Stratego® Fungicide Rice Program

    Participating Crop: Rice

    Get great disease control and cash back through the Innovation Plus™ Program! Earn a cash-equivalent rebate of $16 per gallon when you purchase 35 gallons or more of Stratego® fungicide.

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