2019 Innovation Plus™ – Cereals Grower Program

Earn up to $4/A in cash-equivalent rebates on your cereals portfolio purchases on matched acres through the Innovation Plus™ program! Purchase one product from at least two categories with a minimum purchase of $10,000 to earn your rewards.


Participating Crops: Cereals

Cereals Grower program

*SeedGrowth product match rates calculated using recommended fl oz/cwt application rates at 100 lbs/A seeding rate


Cereals grower program - matched segments



  • Qualifying growers will earn rebates based on matched product sales to the same grower (or “Matched Acre”).
  • For each grower acre to qualify for payment, at least one product from a minimum of two product categories (as displayed in the Cash-Equivalent Rewards table) must be sold to the same grower during the same market year.
  • Incentive calculation:
    • Acre matches will be calculated using the rates in the Cash-Equivalent Rewards table.
    • All participating products, including SeedGrowth, will be paid based on reported valid grower sales, as defined in the Program Details.
    • Acre payment based on category combinations are displayed in The More You Match, The More You Earn table.
  • Incentivized purchases do not qualify for payment in the 2019 Southern Citrus Program or 2019 Southern “3+” Vegetable Program.
  • Proof of purchase for qualifying Bayer products must be provided by retailer to DATA DIMENSIONSSM by September 11, 2019.
  • Bayer will award points to growers on validated, qualified purchases as reported by participating retailers. Points are valued at $0.05 each.
  • Grower redemption of Innovation Plus points for cash upon request after November 19, 2019 via the Innovation Plus website (www.InnovationPlusProgram.com) or Bayer Customer Interaction Center.
  • Points that are not redeemed will automatically expire on January 31 of the second calendar year following the invoice date.
  • Bayer reserves the final decision, in its absolute discretion, on whether purchasers are valid growers. Fraudulent reporting of EDI or other sales information will be grounds for withholding or invalidating all program payments as well as terminating distributor’s contract. Bayer reserves the right using Bayer auditors or an independent auditing firm to verify all claims for payments under this program, and in matters of discrepancy, reserves the right of final decision. Bayer reserves the right to debit payments due from future programs if errors are discovered after payments have been issued.

NO PAPERWORK to fill out and nothing to mail. Bayer will award points to you based on validated, qualified proofs of purchase, as reported electronically by participating retailers to DATA DIMENSIONSSM. To qualify, proof of purchase must be provided by a participating retailer by September 11, 2019.

Always read and follow label instructions.
Huskie Complete is a Restricted Use Pesticide.
Not all products are registered in all states.

For questions, call 877-976-8286.

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