2018 Innovation Plus™ - Florida Citrus Program

Get cash back for your citrus purchases in the Innovation Plus™ program! Get a cash-equivalent rebate of up to 9% when you purchase at least two Innovation Products — Alion® herbicide, Movento® MPC insecticide, Sivanto™ Prime1 insecticide and/or Velum® Prime nematicide — at a minimum of $50,000! Once qualification minimums are met, earn even more cash back on the portfolio of Participating Citrus Products!


Participating Crops: Citrus

2018 Innovation Plus - Florida Citrus Program

1Sivanto Prime also includes Sivanto 200 SL.
2Serenade ASO also includes Serenade Soil.
3Serenade OPTI also includes Serenade Optimum.


Growers must be enrolled in the program by a Bayer sales rep by March 2, 2018.
Grower must supply total citrus acres grown.


  • Growers must purchase and apply listed products above in Florida.
  • Proof of purchase for qualifying Bayer products must be provided by retailer to DATA DIMENSIONSsm
    by September 11, 2018.
  • Bayer will award points to growers on validated, qualified purchases as reported by participating retailers. Points valued at $.05 each.
  • Grower redemption of Innovation Plus points for cash or merchandise upon request after November 16, 2018 via Innovation Plus website (www.InnovationPlusProgram.com) or Bayer Customer Interaction Center.
  • Points that are not redeemed will expire automatically on January 31 of the second calendar year following the invoice date.
  • Bayer reserves the right to modify or withdraw this program or any portion thereof without prior notice.

NO PAPERWORK to fill out and nothing to mail. Bayer will award points to you based on validated, qualified proofs of purchase, as reported electronically by participating retailers to DATA DIMENSIONS. To qualify, proof of purchase must be provided by a participating retailer by September 11, 2018.

Always read and follow label instructions.
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