Help with Advanced Search
(1) “Find results with all of the words”: The search will be restricted to sites that contain all your terms. To refine the result, add any number of further terms. (Logical AND)
(2) “with the exact phrase”: Use this box to find words that only occur in precisely this combination and order in a document. This is particularly useful for finding quotations or certain names.
(3) Use “with at least one of the words” to find documents that contain at least one of the specified words. This is particularly useful for words with the same or similar meanings. Example: Stockholders’ Report, Quarterly Report, Interim Report. (Logical OR)
(4) Use “without the words” to exclude certain terms from your search. Remember that you need to have entered terms into at least one of the previous boxes (1-3).
(5) Use this box to specify a language so that the system only finds words or phrases in that language.
(6) Use the option “File format” to restrict a search to certain document types. For instance, you may wish to obtain only PDF documents with a certain term. Alternatively, choose “Don’t” to exclude PDF documents from the search result.
(7) Use the “Occurrences” option to restrict the result to certain parts of a page, e.g. the site address (URL) or the title of the page. Specify “anywhere on the page” to search through the entire document.
(8) If you already know which Bayer site contains the terms you need, you can explicitly request a search within this particular URL. Enter the relevant URL under Domains , e.g. Next, specify (9) “All Bayer websites worldwide”. Otherwise, the system cannot return any results.
(9) Use these boxes to change the way the system will “Show results”. You can specify the number of results per page and their order, i.e. by relevance or by date.
(10) Press Reset to delete your input and to start a new query.
(11) To start the search click Go or press Enter.


  • The search is not case-sensitive, so it doesn’t matter whether you use small or capital letters.
  • Make sure you enter complete words. The engine will not find parts of a word.
    Example: The Spanish brand name Aspirina would not be found in a search for Aspirin.
  • Use synonyms and spelling variations for your search term.
    Example: If the term Stockholders’ Report does not lead to the desired result, enter a new query
    for Interim Report or Quarterly Report.
Click here for further details on an advanced Google search.
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