Acceleron® Dealer Benefits

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Coverage on Four Fronts: A Full Portfolio of Solutions

As a dealer, you are a trusted resource for your growers as they prepare for an unpredictable season. The Acceleron® portfolio makes it easy to give them peace of mind with a comprehensive package of synthetic chemistry and bio-enhancer seed treatment products. A combination of tiered offerings and stand-alone products makes it even easier to offer growers solutions that truly fit their needs.

Maximizing Bushels This Year & in Years to Come with TagTeam® LCO XC Technology

“The TagTeam® Technology definitely had a big advantage. Healthier plant above ground, but below the ground was really an eye-opener. A much better root mass, which has to led to a better yield.” 

Dale Larsch
BioAdvantage Trials Participant
Mount Vernon, South Dakota

“When we start showing some of the data, how widespread nematodes really are...I think guys are kidding themselves when they don’t look at what [nematodes] are really costing them.”

Jim White
Ground Breakers® Trial Participant
Waverly, Iowa

QuickRoots® Technology: Yielding Better Results

“Last year in our area, we had absolutely perfect growing conditions. On the tough soils, we saw nice advantages to QuickRoots®. It was a four- to six-bushel advantage on one of our farms across the board.”

Ben Fast
BioAdvantage Trials Participant
Cottonwood County, Minnesota

“BioRise® 2 Corn Offering is a huge deal and truly makes us a differentiator. With the products we have the BioRise 2 Corn Offering on, it gives you that full protection. You’ll get off to a great start.”

Joe Hora
District Sales Manager
Fort Dodge, Iowa

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