Crop Protection

To produce maximum yields, plants need to be healthy and strong from the start and carefully nurtured throughout the season.  Our mission is to help crops thrive and stay healthy, so that our planet, the global population and our customers thrive and stay healthy too.  We offer expert advice and tailor-made solutions for SeedGrowth, as well as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, to increase yields and protect crops all season long.


SeedGrowthEveryone knows that seed is one of the most important and valuable investments farmers make all season. Protecting this investment as it goes into the ground and helping promote strong and vigorous growth early on is the job of SeedGrowth. By combining highly effective chemical and biological active ingredients with state-of-the-art equipment, coatings and service, our offerings help farmers get the most out of their seed.

Top-selling brands like Poncho®, Poncho/VOTiVO®, Gaucho XT, and Aeris® offer growers valuable protection against soil-borne diseases, nematodes and insects. For growers, that means improved plant vigor, fierce yields and a positive return on investment.

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The newest addition to our Crop Protection offerings is a range of biological products to control pests and plant diseases through biological modes of action.  Derived from living organisms such as plants and microbes and other naturally occurring materials, these products augment classical chemistry to deliver benefits to the grower, including enhanced Integrated Pest Management and resistance management strategies, greater delivery flexibility and properties that help increase yield, improve quality and marketability of fresh produce.

Our products range from Serenade™ fungicide/bactericide used in fruit and vegetable crops, oilseed rape, legumes and other crops in more than 30 countries worldwide, to Requiem™, a flexible insecticide used in a wide range of fruits, vegetables, vines and nuts in the United States, Mexico and Israel.

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Those greedy weeds and grasses are born fighters, and they compete with crops for space, water, light and nutrients. Bayer’s herbicide offerings deliver effective, flexible and reliable weed control across a wide spectrum of weed and grass species, and our weed resistance management toolbox is second to none.

Our flagship Liberty® herbicide system, combined with Liberty Link seeds, is the preeminent nonselective weed management system for hard-to-control weeds. Capreno®, another groundbreaking herbicide product, combines multiple modes of action to deliver season-long control of the toughest weeds for an amazing end-of-season clean.

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Chewing, sucking, biting bugs can inhibit the growth of food, fuel, fiber and energy crops. Without insect protection, nearly half the world’s crops would be gone – but not on our watch.  Bayer is one of the world’s leading insecticide companies, with an extraordinary depth of expertise and outstanding product offerings.  

One of our most innovative products in this category is Movento®, a powerful insecticide featuring two-way systemic action that moves within plants to protect them from a broad range of insects and nematodes above and below the ground, creating highly pest-resistant plants and healthier crops.

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To win the fight against fungal diseases, Bayer offers a broad range of active ingredients to control disease in all major crops. Products like Stratego® YLD, Prosaro® and Reason® feature the latest fungicidal modes of action, providing both preventive and curative protection for crops.

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Intense Investment in Integrated Innovation

Our team of researchers spans the globe, and their prolific innovation output is amazing.  With dozens of crop protection projects in the R & D pipeline, our scientists are bringing to bear expertise in chemistry, biology, genetics, genomics, plant physiology and more to deliver the next generation solutions in all major broad acre crops, fruits and vegetables.

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