The Crop Science, a division of Bayer Institute Industrial Park is situated on 460 acres along the Kanawha River in Western West Virginia, and is home to one of the company’s flagship North American manufacturing operations.
Institute Industrial Park, West Virginia

Our Institute facility is located near Charleston, West Virginia, and manufactures ingredients used to make some of the world’s leading crop protection products for modern agriculture. Products formulated from these ingredients are used to protect a wide variety of crops from pest damage, helping farmers meet the growing demand for food, feed, fiber and energy crops.

In continuous operation since WWII, the Institute site is owned and operated by Bayer, but occupied by numerous businesses involved in manufacturing.


  • Number of Employees: 200 Crop Science employees, 500 tenant and contract employees
  • Site Leader: James H. Covington

Safety and Environment

Operational Priorities

There are five priorities for the Institute Industrial Park, which contribute to its overall success:

    1. Excellence in Occupational & Process Safety
    2. Excellence in Environmental Performance 
    3. Reliability of Our Operations
    4. Producing Perfect Quality Products
    5. Efficiency in Our Daily Activities and Operations

The first two priorities form the primary basis for our license to operate, granted by the company and our community. The next two assist in keeping that license in place, through maintaining safe and environmentally sound operations and producing the highest quality products that our customers can rely on. The final priority ties it all together, so we accomplish these in an efficient and effective manner as a fully sustainable operation.

Environmental Responsibility

Bayer takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and we’re proud to say that the Institute Industrial Park serves as a model for government, industry and community groups across the nation. The facility includes a fully certified environmental protection lab for analyzing air, water and solid waste, as well as ongoing process evaluation and emergency response planning. In Institute, we participate in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care initiative, and are continually exploring new ways to make the site more environmentally sustainable, from finding new uses for the site’s production waste streams, to instituting a recycling program for scrap metal and paper products. 

Safety Commitment

Institute is the originator of one of the most successful safety initiatives ever implemented by Bayer. This observation program, now used at locations across the country, allows employees to submit anonymous critiques of on-the-job safety practices. To encourage participation, observations are incentivized with a corporate donation to an employee-selected charity in recognition of each submission.

Community and Cultural Engagement

Community Commitment

Institute representatives maintain an ongoing dialog with neighbors, community officials and responders and area industry leadership, discussing critical issues and exploring areas for collaboration. Employes at the industrial park also make a positive impact on the area by supporting a number of educational, charitable and cultural activities, hosting plant tours and career days, and by participating in Making Science Make Sense®, a company-wide initiative to encourage enthusiasm for the sciences in schools.
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