In Texas, cotton is king, and Lubbock is the nerve center for our global cottonseed business. Our 11 facilities in and around the city support two of the world’s iconic cotton seed brands – FiberMax® and Stoneville® - and the many technology and service solutions we offer cotton growers around the world.
Bayer at Lubbock, Texas

Crop Science in Lubbock, Texas, is singularly focused on providing cotton growers with the products and solutions they need to meet the world’s growing demand for fiber. Founded in 1998 with three employees and a fledgling cottonseed business, Bayer today maintains a vibrant presence in Lubbock, which includes the company’s global cotton headquarters, two separate breeding stations, a seed processing plant, a quality assurance lab, a seed warehousing facility, and a state-of-the art research and development lab.


  • Number of Employees: 120
  • Site Leader: Lee Rivenbark

Safety and Environment

Environmental Responsibility

Bayer supports environmentally compatible practices, including recycling of plastic, paper, metals and electronics, as well as the use of biodegradable materials throughout our offices. Sustainable methods are applied to packaging and shipping product whenever possible, so that we maximize performance and efficiency while minimizing our environmental footprint.

From a product stewardship perspective, we are committed to implementing rigorous quality management and stewardship of our cotton seed and trait products, including LibertyLink®, GlyTol® and other cotton trait solutions throughout their life cycle. 

Safety Commitment

The safety of our employees and our community is of paramount importance, and we take every precaution possible to ensure an excellent safety record.  Staff members at the Lubbock breeding stations and R&D center are specially trained in the areas of field, greenhouse and laboratory safety, as well as in hazardous materials handling. Warehouse and maintenance staff also observe proper procedures when it comes to operating and servicing equipment and performing heavy lifting or physically demanding tasks.  For those employees for whom driving is part of the job, we make sure all take part in a driver safety course on a regular basis.

Community & Cultural Engagement

Community Commitment

Bayer is an active corporate citizen in Lubbock, and engaged at every opportunity with local businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and government officials, as well as Texas Tech University located just down the road. Bayer is the title sponsor of the Museum of Agriculture which features a new interactive cotton technology exhibit and unites our support for the global agriculture industry and our commitment to education and the Lubbock community. Employees are actively engaged in Making Science Make Sense®, a company-wide initiative to encourage enthusiasm for the sciences in schools. The site avidly supports local high school sports and clubs, sponsors the area’s popular ABC Rodeo and Cactus Theater, and participates in a yearly United Way campaign. Support from Charitable contributions from the Lubbock sites benefit the West Texas Boys’ Ranch, a facility that provides boys with a safe environment in which to grow and learn, and Caprock AMBUCS, a unique organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. // MORE

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