Located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta and at the center of the world’s largest urban farm, our Memphis research and development site delivers breeding expertise behind Bayer’s high quality cotton and soybean varieties and trait innovations that promote sustainable crops and bountiful harvests.
BayerCrop Science at Memphis, MS

Our Memphis team is a world-class group of scientists, researchers, technicians and agronomists with a specialized set of skills who support our growing global cotton and soybean seed businesses through molecular breeding, trait introgression, and product stewardship. The goal of this team – to deliver high-performance varieties and trait packages that will help farmers all over the globe produce more food, feed and fiber for a growing world population.

In 2013, we are excited to be expanding our Memphis site to include a new 40,000-square foot greenhouse facility, bringing our total greenhouse capacity to over 56,000 square feet dedicated to cotton trait introgression activities. The new facility features seedling automation technology, and many features designed to improve efficiency and working conditions in a normally hot and humid greenhouse environment. The Memphis greenhouse will be unique in its scale and global scope, and will help Bayer deliver new technology solutions to propel farming’s future and give growers more choices.


  • Number of Employees: 21 employees
  • Site Leader: Al Balducchi

Safety and Environment

Environmental Responsibility

Since the beginning, environmental stewardship has been a core value of Bayer, and that deep commitment continues today.  From recycling programs to the careful quality management and stewardship of our LibertyLink® and other cotton and soybean trait solutions through the breeding, trait development, field testing and seed production processes, environmental responsibility is a fundamental value that we live out every day.

Safety Commitment

Our employees in Memphis take safety to heart – both their own safety and the safety of the community they live and work in.  All employees are trained on safety procedures, with special attention given to those working in the lab, where laboratory safety, quality management and materials handling procedures are especially important. 

Community and Cultural Engagement

Community Commitment

Crop Science’s Memphis site is an important component of Agricenter International, the world’s largest urban farm. Our team regularly hosts grower and student groups for tours and learning experiences, and is committed to supporting outreach into the community to foster greater understanding and acceptance of modern agriculture. // MORE

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