Our Muskegon, Michigan manufacturing facility expanded in 2009 to become a critical link in our global supply chain.  Combining manufacturing expertise and world-class chemistry, our team delivers some of the world’s finest crop protection solutions.
Manufacturing facility at Muskegon, Michigan

The highly skilled workforce at the Crop Science facility in Muskegon, Michigan combines knowledge and chemistry to deliver some of the world’s finest crop protection solutions, including Liberty® herbicides.


  • Number of Employees: Nearly 70 Crop Science employees, and up to 15 contract employees
  • Site Leader: Harold Lofton

Safety and Environment

Environmental Responsibility

Muskegon preserves and protects its surrounding area by following strict environmental protocols with regard to wastewater. The plant adheres to the most stringent standards using a combination of on-site treatment and Muskegon County’s state-of-the-art system. The facility also employs air scrubbers and a sophisticated cryogenic system to capture volatile materials.

Safety Commitment

The safety of our employees and our communities is of paramount importance, and Muskegon carries an outstanding safety record, with more than 1400 days without an OSHA recordable incident.  Muskegon employs a structured safety program that engages all employees and emphasizes the personal responsibility of safety in every aspect of the operation. Key elements include proactive scenario planning, monthly safety meetings, and individual safety discussions on an ongoing basis. 

Community and Cultural Engagement

Community Commitment

Muskegon takes pride in its great relationship with the community, achieved through a combination of neighborhood, educational and arts and culture support. Facility leadership is also active with area high school career days, the Chamber of Commerce, the United Way and in supporting local arts, and our Community Advisory Panel, which meets quarterly, is an important link to leaders and citizens in the surrounding area. // MORE

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