Pasadena, Texas

Our chemists, technicians and operators in Pasadena formulate and package products that promote healthful living spaces and vibrant, beautiful yards, parks and other green spaces.  Bayer in Pasadena, Texas, produces over 250 different SKUs, including fungicides, professional pest management products, and the popular Bayer Advanced™ line of home pest control and lawn and garden solutions.


  • Number of Employees: 35 Crop Science employees, 65 seasonal employees
  • Site Leader: Todd St. Francis

Safety and Environment

Environmental Responsibility

Pasadena’s commitment to the environment goes above and beyond upholding government permit standards. The facility actively seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, assessing its greenhouse gas emissions and planting the number of trees on site needed to offset those emissions. Pasadena also boasts an incredible waste-to-volume ratio of less than one percent.

Safety Commitment

Our Pasadena facility has operated for over six years without a lost-time incident, four years without an OSHA recordable incident and has received consecutive American Chemistry Council Honorable Awards for Safety Performance.  Now that shows a commitment to safety!  Pasadena employees drive this commitment to personal and environmental safety and engage regularly in behavior-based programs and audits as prescribed by the Bayer Performance Program.

Community and Cultural Engagement

Community Commitment

Crop Science, a division of Bayer Pasadena strives to be a good neighbor in every aspect of its operations. Employees interact regularly with local schools, support charitable giving to a nearby Alzheimer’s patient care center, and work together to identify new outreach opportunities on an ongoing basis. // MORE

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