The application of SeedGrowth seed treatments is vital to protecting a farmer’s valuable seed investment, and the equipment that is used to apply seed treatments is a critical link in the seed value chain.  Bayer offers a line of outstanding engineered seed treatment application equipment, manufactured at our production plant in Shakopee, Minnesota.  
BayerCrop Science at Shakopee, MN

Bayer’s SeedGrowth equipment business started out as the “Gustafson Automatic Seed Treatment Machinery Company” in Fargo North Dakota in 1926. Gustafson was jointly owned by Crompton-Knowles and Bayer until 2004, when Bayer purchased 100 percent of the business. With the global influence and resources provided by Bayer, what was once a small equipment business has achieved growth of 600 percent since 2006.


  • Number of Employees: 45 employees
  • Site Leader: Mark Belden

Safety and Environment

Environmental Responsibility

Crop Science, a division of Bayer supports environmentally compatible practices, including recycling of plastic, paper, metals and electronics, as well as the use of biodegradable materials throughout our offices and manufacturing facilities. Sustainable methods are applied to packaging and shipping product whenever possible, so that we maximize performance and efficiency while minimizing our environmental footprint.

From a product stewardship perspective, we are committed to designing equipment that minimizes worker exposure by utilizing closed delivery systems.  Additionally, site engineering personnel are actively involved in critical projects to reduce dust emission from treated seeds and help to protect non-target species such as honeybees and other beneficial insects on the farm.

Safety Commitment

The safety of our employees is of paramount importance, and we take every precaution possible to ensure an excellent safety record.  The implementation of a rigorous safety training program combined with employee incentives has resulted in remarkable success.  Because we design and build equipment that our customers operate, our safety culture goes beyond the confines of Shakopee.  Delivering equipment that is safe to operate on and off the farm is a key indicator of the success of our safety efforts.

Community and Cultural Engagement

Community Commitment

Bayer is an active corporate citizen in Shakopee, and is engaged with local businesses, schools and non-profit organizations.  Shakopee contributes annually to the Shakopee School District “Dollars for Scholars” to raise awareness of modern agricultural techniques at the high school level. Additionally, the Shakopee site is home to a light assembly production department staffed by developmentally-challenged adults from the Lifeworks organization in Minneapolis. // MORE

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