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Intellectual Property

Thank you for your interest in our WestBred® Wheat product portfolio. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide outstanding wheat varieties to US wheat farmers.

Intellectual Property

Thank you for your interest in our WestBred® Wheat product portfolio. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide outstanding wheat varieties to US wheat farmers.

Germplasm Intellectual Property Protection (IPP)

Wheat variety IPP can vary significantly within and between genetic providers. Wheat growers are responsible to know the rights and responsibilities for the wheat varieties they grow which may be available in documentation accompanying the purchased seed or other forms. In the United States (US), the genetics of many wheat varieties may be protected in multiple methods.

U.S. Plant Variety Protection (PVP)

The protected variety may be used for certain plant breeding activities, however, unauthorized reproduction of the protected variety is strictly prohibited. Infringing activities include, but are not limited to, selling, marketing, offering for sale, importing, exporting, producing, and reproducing the protected variety. Those who misuse a PVP-protected variety may be liable for damages to the PVP holder as well as additional state or federal statutory damages.

U.S. Patents

A U.S. patent holder can prevent others from making, using, offering for sale, and selling, or importing the claimed invention in the US. Examples of claimed inventions in wheat germplasm characteristics or improvements may include specific varieties, resistance to disease, resistance to plant pests, breeding techniques, improved nutritional aspects, and flavor enhancement. Those who misuse a Patent protected wheat variety may be liable for damages to the patent holder

Limited-Use License Agreements

Wheat varieties designated as single-use, limited-use or also referenced as newly planted seed are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement under which they were/are purchased including, but not limited to a) using seed solely for planting and producing a single crop and not to save any grain produced from seed for planting by grower or any other person or entity; b) not supplying, transferring, licensing or sublicensing seed to any other person or entity for planting or any other purpose; c) ensuring that seed, grain produced from seed or any plant material from seed is not used for crop breeding, research, generation of registration data or seed production (unless grower has entered into a valid, written production agreement with a Bayer authorized wheat seed supplier); d) providing, upon request by Bayer, evidence of final disposition of the crop that is produced; and e) agreeing that Bayer shall be entitled to recover any costs or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, it incurs in enforcing its rights under said Agreement.

Product Class PVP# Single Use Patent
ARMOUR HRW 200900132 NO  
ASPEN HWW 200800077 NO  
BOOMER HRW 201100050 NO  
BREAKER HRS 200800386 NO  
CARTER HRW 200800383 NO  
CORBIN HRS 200700255 NO  
EXPRESSO HRS 200800002 YES  
JEDD HRS CL 200800169 YES  
JOAQUIN HRS 200700016 NO  
KELDIN HRW 201300462 YES  
NICK SWS 200500144 YES  
ONEAL HRS 201000272 NO  
PACHECO Triticale 200900277 YES  
RIMROCK HRW 201100463 YES  
SAMSON HRS 200800074 NO  
SNOW CREST HWS 200600162 YES  
SOLANO HRS 200700017 YES  
TRIPLE IV HRS - Forage 200500022 NO  
VANTAGE HRS 200800127 NO  
VOLT HRS 200800407 YES  
WAIKEA HWS 200700256 YES  
WAXY-PEN SWS – Waxy 200600005 YES  
WB 456 SWW 200900445 YES  
WB 523 SWW 200900446 YES  
WB-1035CL+ SWS CL 201200399 YES  
WB-1070CL SWW CL 201100470 YES  
WB-1081CL+ SWW CL 201300488 YES  
WB-528 SWW 200600273 YES  
WB-CEDAR HRW 201100378 NO  
WB-DEUCECL+ HRW CL 201200400 NO  
WB-DIGGER HRS 201000295 NO  
WB-FUZION HRS 201100306 YES  
WB-IDAMAX HWS 201100305 YES  
WB-JOAQUIN ORO HRS 201100476 NO 8507775
WB-MATLOCK HRW 201100362 NO  
WB-MAYVILLE HRS 201100266 NO  
WB-PALOMA HWS 201000293 YES  
WB-PATRON HRS - Forage 201100468 NO 8513506
WB-PERLA HWS 201100467 NO 8519246
WB-PRESTEA HWS 201200152 YES  
WB-QUAKE HRW 201100471 YES  
WB-REDHAWK HRW 201200154 NO  
WB-TUCSON HRW 201100466 YES  
WB1376CLP SWW CLP 201500187 YES 9648827
WB1529 SWW 201400230 YES  
WB1532 SWW 201900033 YES  
WB1604 SWW 201400231 YES 8865984
WB1621 SWW   YES Pending
WB1720 SWW   YES Pending
WB1783 SWW 201800095 YES  
WB1843 SWW 201400377 YES 9357730
WB1922 SWW   YES Pending
WB2418 BRAND SRW   YES 9872459
WB2606 BRAND SRW 202000441 YES 11160234
WB3768 HWW 201500028 YES  
WB4059CLP HRW CL 201300480 YES  
WB4269 HRW 201800093 YES 9622448
WB4303 HRW 201600378 NO 9826692
WB4311 HRW 201800096 YES  
WB4394 HRW 201900395 YES 10653087
WB4401 HRW 202000427 YES 11166427
WB4418 HRW 201900029 YES 10362751
WB4422 HRW   YES Pending
WB4458 HRW 201300177 NO  
WB4462 HRW 201600379 NO 9686944
WB4483 HRW 201600380 YES 9661817
WB4510CLP HRW-CLP 202100410 YES Pending
WB4511 HRW 202100416 YES Pending
WB4515 HRW 201600381 NO 9686946
WB4523 HRW   YES Pending
WB4575 HRW 201800094 YES 9826693
WB4595 HRW 201900396 YES 10638684
WB4614 HRW 201500188 NO 9155278
WB4619 HRW 202100415 YES Pending
WB4623CLP HRW CL 201500189 YES 9504223
WB4699 HRW 201900397 YES 10638699
WB4721 HRW 201600382 YES 9686945
WB4727 HRW   YES Pending
WB4792 HRW 201900398 YES 10701877
WB4821CLP HRW-CLP   YES Pending
WB6121 SWS 201400232 YES 8969689
WB6211CLP SWS 202100412 YES Pending
WB6341 SWS 201400233 YES 8969688
WB6430 SWS 201400234 YES 9320234
WB7202CLP HWS CL 201900030 YES 10231416
WB7313 HWS 202100413 YES Pending
WB7328 HWS 201500194 YES 9686942
WB7390 HWS 201400378 YES 9155275
WB7417 HWS 201500195 YES 9648828
WB7566 HWS 201600383 YES 9661816
WB7589 HWS 201500196 YES 9655331
WB7618 HWS 201400379 YES 9155274
WB7696 HRW 201900399 YES 10856489
WB9112 HRS 201400380 YES 8969687
WB9200 HRS 201600384 YES 9686937
WB9208 HRS 201600312 YES  
WB9215 HRS 202100414 YES Pending
WB9229 HRS 201200477 YES 8872007
WB9303 HRS 202100148 YES Pending
WB9312 HRS 201600385 YES 9686936
WB9350 HRS 201800409 YES 10201144
WB9377 HRS 201500197 YES 9648829
WB9411 HRS 201500198 YES 9686941
WB9433 HRS 201900032 YES 10362747
WB9479 HRS 201800091 YES 10136600
WB9483 HRS 201600386 YES 9686935
WB9490 HRS 201900400 YES 10638700
WB9507 HRS 201400229 YES 9265220
WB9516 HRS 202100411 YES Pending
WB9518 HRS 201400035 YES 8975495
WB9578 HRS 201800092 YES 10136601
WB9590 HRS 201800089 YES 10143163
WB9606 HRS 202100147 YES Pending
WB9616CLP HRS 201800088 YES 10143161
WB9623 HRS   YES  
WB9653 HRS 201500199 YES 9480229
WB9662 HRS 201800087 YES 10154637
WB9668 HRS 201400235 YES 9320235
WB9699 HRS 201900401 YES 10638701
WB9707 HRS 202100146 YES Pending
WB9717 HRS 201900031 YES 10362749
WB9719 HRS 201800090 YES 10143165
WB9725 HRS   YES  
WB9727 HRS   YES  
WB9820 HRS   YES  
WB9879CLP HRS CL 201100479 YES  
WB9904 HRS - Forage 200600268 YES  
WB9929 HRS   YES  
WB9990 HRS 201900402 YES 10638703

Clearfield® Production System for Wheat.

Appropriate stewardship of the patent-protected Clearfield® Production System for wheat, which includes the use of registered herbicides, is vital to sustain the utility of this technology. All Clearfield® wheat growers are required to sign the BASF Clearfield Wheat Stewardship Agreement which provides the terms and conditions for the authorized use of the product. BASF uses the AgCelerate Stewardship platform for grower licensing found at www.AgCelerate.com. Clearfield® wheat growers should be aware of the following:

  • Growers are required to sign a BASF Clearfield® Wheat Stewardship Agreement that specifies the use of registered herbicides on Clearfield® and Clearfield® Plus Wheat, including Imazamox-containing herbicides along with purchasing certified Clearfield® and Clearfield® Plus varieties.
  • Growers must purchase new seed every year from an authorized Clearfield® seed retailer. Saving seed to plant next year’s crop is not allowed.
  • Currently, Beyond® herbicide is the only federally and state approved imazamox-containing herbicide registered for use on Clearfield® and Clearfield® Plus wheat. Applications of any herbicide that is not registered for use on that crop is not permitted under the EPA rules and mandates.