To Stay Ahead, You Have To Look Ahead

Bayer Crop Science is building agriculture solutions for today and tomorrow. We’re committed to supporting farmers as you navigate the demands of modern agriculture, developing new seed and crop protection products, innovative technologies, and beneficial partnerships to enhance your decisions, your fields and your operation.

Providing More Than Just Products

Today’s farmers navigate a complex system in a vital industry, making decisions every day that affect the world. Our aim is to be a partner for both your crop and your business, leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry-leading crop research to offer products, tools, and information that help you succeed.

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Seed Brands

Crop Protection

Protect your field with our suite of cutting-edge crop protection solutions and help your seeds reach their maximum potential.

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Adding More Power to Your Purchases

Get cash back on eligible products you already purchase and get rewarded for making smart agronomic choices.​

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