A Farmer-First Regenerative Agricultural Program

Our mission is to make the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices, like reduced tillage and cover crops, easier for farmers across the country. Through these practices farmers can support their long-run soil health, reduce erosion and increase soil water availability for their crops. Plus, it's possible to naturally sequester carbon for the benefit of everyone.

What is ForGround by Bayer?

ForGround by Bayer is a membership program that supports US farmers in benefiting from regenerative agriculture practices -- offering exclusive access to digital tools, agronomic resources and discounts as well as the potential to earn revenue through the Bayer Carbon Program. ​

And did we mention that being a member is FREE?

Benefits of ForGround by Bayer

No matter where farmers are in their regenerative agriculture journey, ForGround provides access to science-based agronomic support, insightful information, and equipment discounts.

Science-Based Agronomic Support

Enjoy exclusive access to evidence-based agronomic resources, including special events, seasonal articles, and digital decision-making tools.

Reduced Transition Cost Barriers

Benefit from discounts and rebates from leaders in conservation tillage equipment, cover crop suppliers, digital platforms, and more. Members also receive a Climate FieldView™ PLUS subscription at no additional cost.

New Revenue Streams

Earn extra revenue through your farming practices. Whether calculated by the field or by the acre, these incentives make regenerative agriculture even more valuable to a farmer's bottom line.

Cover Crops Can Help Increase Yield 

Farmers responding to the National Cover Crop Survey reported an average yield increase of 9.6% in corn and 11.6% in soybeans that followed a cover crop versus comparably managed fields with no cover crops*

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Value Chain Partnerships

With farmers at the heart of it, we can transform the agriculture value chain by supporting regenerative practices that help companies achieve sustainability and climate action targets.

Scientific Rigor of Bayer

World-class R&D will help create future opportunities beyond existing no-till and cover crop practices to remove and reduce carbon emissions.

Verified Offset Credits

We collect, quantify, and verify carbon sequestration using internationally recognized standards. Partners can depend on transparent verification of trackable carbon with unique identifiers.

Scalable Solutions

Companies can balance their budgets against quality and tonnage to help deliver on sustainability initiatives and climate commitments.

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