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Strong Cotton Evaluated To Grow Where You Are.

Deltapine® brand cotton varieties undergo robust evaluation by our New Product Evaluators. That way when you plant Deltapine cotton, you can plant with confidence.

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New Product Evaluator

NPE Program

A collaboration between Deltapine brand and local cotton growers nationwide, the NPE Program consists of growers who evaluate new variety candidates on their own operations, collecting valuable data that helps determine the next class of strong cotton.

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Tough enough for West Texas.

West Texas is one of the most unforgiving cotton regions out there. True to our unique approach, Deltapine brand develops varieties specifically for this area. Take a look at our varieties and everything that goes into breeding seed for tougher-than-tough West Texas conditions.

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Why Deltapine cotton?

We’ve got more than a century-long tradition of innovating varieties with robust yield potential and the utmost in fiber quality.

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Like you, Deltapine brand takes pride in high yields and successful seasons. And we’re here with agronomic support to help you every step of the way.

*Scouting is critical to determine which and how many insecticide applications are recommended to avoid economic loss greater than pest management costs (i.e., when economic thresholds are met). Check with your local state extension university for the latest spraying recommendations.