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FieldView™ helps farmers all around the world see what worked, what didn’t and how to improve their operation with data and digital tools.

Why Digital Farming?

FieldView is helping address one of our planet's most pressing challenges, growing more with fewer natural resources. The power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science can help farmers bring a new level of precision to every seed, chemical, machine and decision.

Crop Science and Computer Science

FieldView is backed by Bayer, a global leader in life sciences, along with brightest minds in ag tech at Climate LLC. This powerful combination connects the best of agronomy with the latest in digital technology.

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FieldView is Free for Bayer PLUS Rewards Members

Open to new and existing users, when farmers sign up for Bayer PLUS Rewards, they get FieldView Plus free for one year.
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Seasonal Insights From The Experts

FieldView offers a library of knowledge from experts on the FieldView team, Bayer Crop Science, fellow farmers and more.

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