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It’s All About the Beans.

You seek the highest performance potential. You demand innovation in your fields. You look for products that deliver. Asgrow® brand works the same way, with an unwavering focus on soybeans and how they can produce ROI for farmers.

2024 Asgrow® Brand National Yield Contest

A new year calls for a new yield record. Think you have what it takes in you and your fields to achieve it? In addition to accolades, you could win a trip to the 2025 Commodity Classic. Farmer entry deadline is Nov. 22, 2024, and the deadline to enter harvest data is Dec. 15, 2024. Now get after it. It’s grow time.

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There’s a reason we sound like a broken record.

In 2023, a new world record for soybean yield was set by Asgrow® farmer Alex Harrell of Smithville, Georgia, with an astounding 206.7 Bu/A yield. Be sure to check out the entire story of this history-making harvest.

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Why Asgrow soybeans?

Asgrow soybeans feature 100% exclusive genetics along with technologies that enable excellent weed control. We maximize it all with top-tier agronomic expertise. That’s because not only are we all about the beans — we’re also all about your success.

Product Stewardship

We’re committed to growing the future while protecting what we have today. It happens through safety, responsibility and sustainability.

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*XtendiMax® Herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology is most effective when used in conjunction with recommended residual herbicides, along with other Diversified Weed Management Practices.