Luxxur™ Herbicide Offers Clean Fields, Flexible Crop Rotation

Field of wheat crop for clean fields

When weed infestations become severe in wheat fields, the yield loss can be devastating. As part of an integrated weed management program, herbicides help to control weeds and protect yield. But, when you have the desire to rotate to sensitive pulse crops in the following season, your herbicide choices can be limited.

A new herbicide for clean fields and flexible crop rotation

Luxxur™ herbicide gives growers another option for managing weeds,” said Carrie Pederson, northwest sales representative at Bayer. “Problems with weeds can grow exponentially, year after year. Luxxur herbicide is a new tool we have to combat those specific weeds cereals growers are dealing with.”

Classified as a Group 2 herbicide, new Luxxur herbicide is formulated with a precise combination of active ingredients optimized to control many grass and broadleaf weeds in spring, winter and durum wheat fields.

“Luxxur herbicide provides exceptional control of Group 1-resistant grasses, such as green foxtails, yellow foxtails and wild oats,” said Pederson. “It also works well for controlling Canada thistle and narrow-leaved hawksbeard, which are two especially problematic weeds for growers.”

“Some of our grass species are becoming more tolerant to glyphosate, so we have to constantly figure out other ways to mix it up and keep Mother Nature guessing,” said Pederson. “To minimize herbicide-resistance development, I would recommend growers adopt a durum or spring wheat rotation with lentils, and Luxxur herbicide is a really good fit there.”

In addition to exceptional weed control, Luxxur herbicide offers rotational flexibility, season after season.

“One of the main draws with Luxxur herbicide, is the fact that farmers can rotate back to sensitive pulse crops, such as lentils or field peas in the following season,” said Pederson.

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