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Plan for a Profitable Season

Bayer is here to help you succeed at growing corn, soy, winter wheat or sorghum, from choosing the right varieties and hybrids to managing common pests like rusts, white mold and Gray Leaf Spot. Facing tough-to-control weeds, like marestail, Russian thistle and kochia? Find the herbicide program that’s right for you, and pair it with the best cultural practices.

By planning ahead with an integrated approach, you can ensure healthy, strong crops and abundant production. There are a multitude of strategies available to maximize success this season and beyond – and this is where you’ll find them.

soybean harvester in field tips for soybean yieldTop 10 Tips for Soybean Yields

Looking to secure the best yields and ROI from your soybeans? These top 10 tips can help you add bushels and profits for better soybean outcomes.

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Soybean seed treatmentsThe Hidden Threats that Can Cost You Big

Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and Soybean Cyst Nematodes (SCN) are often overlooked – and that costs growers $1.4 billion per year. Protect your fields early for healthier soybeans.

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Farmer inspecting soil in hands. Get the expert advice on improving your soil health.Top Tips for Healthy Soil

Healthy soil can lead to healthier crops and better yields. Get the expert advice on improving your soil health, from building organic matter to using biologicals.

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corn field protected with corn herbicideWhich Corn Herbicide Program is Right for You?

Whether you’re looking for one-pass or two, Bayer has solutions to manage your weed pressures.

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Winter Wheat Resources

protect scout and spray to keep stripe rust away shown in fieldProtect, Scout and Spray to Keep Stripe Rust Away

Stripe rust can wreak havoc on your wheat fields. The good news? You can control it with proactive management.

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Sorghum Resources

grain sorghum yieldTop 8 Tips for Grain Sorghum Yields

While there are many factors involved in achieving top yields, the following top tips can help add bushels and profits to produce the best grain sorghum (milo) outcomes.

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