grower solutions - north plains grower in wheat field and canola and soybean crops and corn field at sunsetgrower solutions - north plains grower in wheat field and canola and soybean crops and corn field at sunset

Northern Plains Grower Solutions

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Insights from our Cereal Experts

Bayer’s team of dedicated Cereal Experts are here to help you stay informed about disease control, weed management strategies and more. Wondering how Bayer solutions fit into your crop protection program? You’ll find that here, along with informative articles, grower success stories and engaging learning modules.

grain quality part 5Balancing Moisture Content in Harvested Grain

The benefits of a strong disease-management program outweigh the potential cost associated with slightly increased moisture content.


grainsWheat and Flour Quality: Part II

Think it’s all about protein? Protein is important, but there are other quality factors to consider.


strategies to protect your crops with the right herbicide programCrop Protection for Your Region

Which herbicide is right for you? Depends on where you farm. Bayer is here to help you find the best weed-control solution for your region.


Corn and Soy Resources

fight back against ragweed in corn and soybeansRagweed in Your Corn and Soybeans? Fight Back

With its tough competition potential, it’s best to proactively control ragweed and manage resistance.


Northern Corn Leaf BlightGuard Against Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Yield losses as high as 50 percent may result if this disease becomes well established before silking. Fight back with timely fungicide applications.


Soybean Disease Scouting TipsTop Soybean Disease Scouting Tips

Whether you’re looking for signs of Sudden Death Syndrome or white mold in your soybean fields, this guide can help.


Videos, Infographics and More

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