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Insights from our Cereal Experts

Bayer’s team of dedicated Cereal Experts are here to help you stay informed about disease control, weed management strategies and more. Wondering how Bayer solutions fit into your crop protection program? You’ll find that here, along with informative articles, grower success stories and engaging learning modules.

grain quality series logo against greeen wheat backgroundFighting Scab? Proactivity Proves Best

Outbreaks of this formidable threat have cost U.S. wheat growers billions in lost profits. See how planning ahead can save your season.

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wideshot of cereals field against blue sky horizonChecklist: Manage Disease to Preserve Grain Quality

Stay ahead of disease this season with this handy checklist from Bayer Cereal Expert Randy Myers.

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winning ticket to weed managementFighting Resistant Weeds? Diversify Your Crop Portfolio

Fighting back against weeds and resistance takes an integrated approach, from considering your crop portfolio to a herbicide program that helps you start – and stay – clean.

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Canola Resources

canola field closeup at plantingSimple Guidelines to Improve Your Canola Planting

Once you’ve purchased seed, it’s time to think ahead to planting. Get the tips to ensure you’re setting a strong foundation for a successful crop.

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Corn and Soy Resources

soybean harvester in field tips for soybean yieldTop 10 Tips for Soybean Yields

Looking to secure the best yields and ROI from your soybeans? These top 10 tips can help you add bushels and profits for better soybean outcomes.

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Farmer inspecting soil in hands. Get the expert advice on improving your soil health.Top Tips for Healthy Soil

Healthy soil can lead to healthier crops and better yields. Get the expert advice on improving your soil health, from building organic matter to using biologicals.

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manage corn disease sprayer in field4 Questions to Help You Manage Corn Disease

Diseases threaten corn production throughout the season. But these methods can help you fight back, from hybrid selection to fungicide applications.

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