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Insights from our Cereal Experts

Bayer’s team of dedicated Cereal Experts are here to help you stay informed about disease control, weed management strategies and more. Wondering how Bayer solutions fit into your crop protection program? You’ll find that here, along with informative articles, grower success stories and engaging learning modules.

grain quality series logoPlan Ahead to Avoid Grain Damage Discounts

Damage can lead to significant discounts for wheat growers. Stay ahead of diseases like scab to ensure you get the most profit possible at market. 

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Canola Resources

canola hydrid fields Finding the Right Canola Hybrids

Ready to find the hybrids for a successful 2018? Learn more about overcoming disease pressures and harvesting challenges to improve profit potential.

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Corn and Soy Resources

choosing corn hybrids grower inspecting seeds Choosing Corn Hybrids for Your Farm

With the multitude of corn hybrids available today, how do you find the right one for your fields? From natural disease tolerance to biotech traits, here’s what to consider.

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Picking the right soybean seed Picking the Right Soybean Seed

Yield is the number one characteristic of concern to most growers, but there are a lot of components that go into making that yield. The presence of resistant weeds, pests and diseases will dictate the trait platforms and seed treatments needed.

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