grower solutions - north plains grower in wheat field and canola and soybean crops and corn field at sunsetgrower solutions - north plains grower in wheat field and canola and soybean crops and corn field at sunset

Northern Plains Grower Solutions

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Insights from our Cereal Experts

Bayer’s team of dedicated Cereal Experts are here to help you stay informed about disease control, weed management strategies and more. Wondering how Bayer solutions fit into your crop protection program? You’ll find that here, along with informative articles, grower success stories and engaging learning modules.

field of mid-growth chickpeas7 Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Pulses

These top-notch cultural practices can give both wheat and rotational pulse crops the best advantage – and help you get the most out of your herbicide.


young wheat plantsPlanning Considerations for Input Selection

To help you prepare for the coming season, Bayer has expert recommendations for your seed treatment, herbicide and fungicide choices.


tractor harvesting wheatTop 10 Tips for Spring Wheat Yields

These top 10 tips – from planting prep to pest management — can help you add bushels and profits for the best spring wheat outcomes.


five part series focus on grain quality in wheatGrain Quality Series Part 1: Grain Damage

Get expert advice for avoiding discoloration, optimizing size, enhancing shape and increasing test weight at the elevator or miller.


Prickly lettuce seedProtect Yield with Prickly Lettuce Management

Because prickly lettuce is drought tolerant, it competes with the crop for water, which can significantly reduce wheat yield. Fight back with solutions from Bayer.


Corn and Soy Resources

corn piles high in the middle of corn harvestTop 10 Tips for Corn Yields

From testing your soil fertility to investing in season-long weed control, these 10 tips can help you achieve the best season possible.


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