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Texas and Southwest Grower Solutions

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Boosting cotton fiber quality and yields

Boost Your Corn and Cotton Yields

In the dynamic landscape of Texas and the Southwest, growers can’t predict pest pressures – but they can control them. It’s important for growers to bring their A-game to crop protection and proactively identify and manage pests to maximize ROI year over year.

Successful crop management includes a tailorable, powerful weed control program with multiple sites of action to help manage herbicide resistance. Growers should actively identify and monitor regional weed threats and develop custom programs that will allow their fields to start clean and stay clean, resulting in higher yield potential and superior cotton and corn production.

Success in this region also requires early and vigilant disease scouting, identification and action. Growers should begin protecting their crops with proactive fungicide applications even before symptoms exist and continue resistance management practices throughout the season.

From pre- and early-season management of nematodes to in-season target spot control, learn more regional best practices and explore tailored solutions from Bayer here.

best practices to manage cotton insectsIntegrated Pest Management for Cotton Insects

Integrated pest management (IPM) practices offer farmers flexibility, good use of resources, opportunities to increase yields and profits, new technology and reduced potential for pest resistance.


manage resistant weeds in cotton weeds emerging10 Strategies for Managing Resistant Weeds in Cotton

Cotton growers who take an integrated approach to weed control – before resistant weeds become an issue – can avoid the headaches and ensure long-term success in protecting crop yields.


Broadleaf weeds close upKeep Crops Safe from Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weeds compete with crops for water, light, space and nutrients, all factors that can reduce yields.


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