Tools to Maximize Grower Success

Our dedicated researchers, scientists and agronomic experts collaborate with growers, consultants, university Extension specialists and others to capture, evaluate and summarize information to provide best-in-class solutions for growers.

The Crop Science suite of online tools offers growers a great way to explore a variety of relevant agriculture solutions and information based on their unique field conditions and needs, from herbicide comparison to ROI calculation.

Bayer PLUS Rewards Incentive Calculator

Choosing products should be easy. Calculating your rewards should be too. Use the Bayer PLUS Rewards Incentive Calculator to see how much you could earn by signing up for this rewards program. // MORE

Bayer Product Selector Tool

Bayer products offer proven broad-spectrum disease, pest and weed control, easier crop management and the timesaving technologies for maximizing crop production and enhancing profitability. Use the Product Selector Tool to choose the right solution for your field. // MORE

John Deere Financial Crop Input Finance Calculator

We’ve partnered with John Deere Financial to provide our growers with Performance Financing Options. Using the Crop Input Calculator, easily understand net costs and savings based on purchase amount and compare offers against operating loans or in-house accounts. Make informed decisions by reviewing potential savings. // MORE

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