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Luna® Pro Fungicide

Enhanced Control of Early Blight, Botrytis, and Other Key Potato Diseases.

Luna® Pro is a new premix fungicide from Bayer that provides both foliar and soilborne disease control in potatoes. It is a broad-spectrum solution for key diseases, including Botrytis (Grey Mold), with the performance you’ve come to expect from the Luna® family of fungicides.

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Luna Pro Key Benefits

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Consistent Results
Consistently strong disease control from two proven active ingredients, providing an effective combination of preventative and curative activity.
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Systemic Activity
Unique combination of systemic active ingredients provide protection throughout the plant, protecting against both foliar and soilborne pathogens.
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Resistance Management
Bayer’s first DMI-containing foliar fungicide in potatoes, providing rotational flexibility to help manage resistance development.
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Enhanced White Mold Control
The addition of Prothioconazole to the Luna family helps to provide exceptional white mold control while also protecting against key foliar diseases.
High Level of Yield Potential
Protection with a combination of active ingredients with proven yield improvement.

Effective Against

Black dot
Brown spot
Early blight
Botrytis Leaf Spot (Grey Mold)
White mold

Registered Crops

Use & Mixing

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