Stratego YLD + Laudis

Laudis + Stratego YLD: Combat Weeds and Diseases in One Pass

Herbicide-Fungicide Mix Offers Convenience, Yield Protection

Corn growers have long depended on the application of postemergence herbicides to control late-season weeds. However, a growing number of farmers are benefiting from the application of a fungicide during the same pass—even in the same tankmix—with postemergence herbicides, such as Laudis® herbicide. While this practice may seem unconventional to some farmers, it’s actually becoming the proven management practice of choice for many.

And for good reason—applying a tankmix of Laudis and Stratego® YLD fungicide reduces time commitment, fuel costs, labor needs and equipment wear by reducing the number of passes across the field, while preserving and enhancing yield potential.

Field-Proven Yield Advantages

A tankmix of Laudis and Stratego YLD applied between the V4 and V7 growth stages offers more yield protection than applying a herbicide alone. Including Stratego YLD in the tankmix protects yields by controlling diseases, such as anthracnose leaf blight and eyespot.

The following table illustrates field-proven yield advantages by comparing the yields of a weed-free check to fields with V5 applications of Laudis, Stratego YLD and a tankmix of Laudis and Stratego YLD.

With Laudis and Stratego YLD, you can combat disease and weeds in one pass for an even more convenient, efficient and profitable harvest.

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