Plant Regulation Made Simple

Product Information

Stance® plant regulator offers cotton growers a more convenient and effective low-dose plant growth regulator (PGR). Its dual mode of action controls growth, promotes earliness, increases fruit retention, reduces boll rot and results in a more manageable crop. Stance has a unique, low-dose rate structure that reduces handling and simplifies cotton growth regulation.

Key Benefits

  • Convenient. With its effective low-dose rate, Stance reduces product handling. At a 2 fl oz/A rate, a 1-gallon container treats 64 acres.
  • Simple. Unlike traditional mepiquat chloride PGRs, Stance allows for standard-dose applications. For moderate vegetative vigor, apply 2 fl oz/A. For high vegetative vigor, apply to 4 fl oz/A.
  • Effective. Stance contains two active ingredients, which act together to provide effective and consistent vegetative management. Stance affects auxin and gibberellic acid, two key plant hormones.
  • Performance. Stance fits any management program, whether conditions call for a single shot or whether season-long plant management requires multiple applications.

Registered Crops

  • Cotton

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