Managing vegetative growth is key for cotton growers. Plant growth regulator (PGR) can be used to manage a cotton field to maximize production.

Stance® plant growth regulator features unsurpassed convenience and simplicity. It fits any management program, whether conditions call for a single shot or multiple applications where season-long management is required. Proper management can also reduce “bridging” on the header of stripper-harvested cotton, allowing for a faster harvest.


  • Dual sites of action. Stance affects two key plant hormones to provide effective and consistent vegetative management.
  • Easy application rates.
    • 2 fl oz/A as needed to control growth for moderate vegetative vigor
    • 3 fl oz/A to 4 fl oz/A as needed to control growth for high vegetative vigor
  • Earliness. Growers who make the first application of Stance at pinhead to match-head square control plant height, put the plant into reproductive mode sooner and set the season up for an early finish.

Registered Crops

  • Cotton

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