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Ricestar® HT Herbicide
Controls Grassy Weeds

Excellent Grass Control with Tankmix Flexibility

Ricestar® HT is a postemergence rice herbicide that provides excellent grass control with tankmix flexibility. Ricestar HT controls many major grassy weeds, including sprangletop, barnyardgrass, broadleaf signalgrass, fall panicum and more.

Note: Ricestar HT has no soil residual activity, so annual grasses may reinfest the field if conditions are favorable for continued germination.

Ricestar HT Key Benefits

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Provides results you can see just four to 10 days after applying; grass weeds die within 14-21 days
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Offers high levels of crop safety; apply as early as the 1-leaf stage of rice growth
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A foliar active herbicide; you should obtain optimum coverage of grass weeds for effective control

Effective Against

Broadleaf signalgrass

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