Let’s face it: Weeds are a constant threat. They can interfere with crop growth and limit yield potential. Bayer’s herbicides fight weeds with a vengeance; controlling weed pressure and providing reliable, season-long control and burndown solutions. These herbicides may utilize multiple modes of action to help combat glyphosate-tolerant and resistant grass and broadleaf weeds.

Alion logo


Alion herbicide is a solution for pre-emergence control of a broad range of grass & broadleaf weeds, including ALS, ACC ase, triazine & glyphosate-resistant species. // MORE

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Balance Flexx

Balance Flexx pre-emergence corn herbicide provides tough, broad-spectrum weed control on contact from the start then reactivates to kill late-emerging weeds. // MORE

Corvus logo


Corvus pre-emergence corn herbicide uses the unique power of reactivation to solidify its three levels of defense against weeds, providing consistent performance. // MORE

Diflexx Duo logo

DiFlexx Duo

DiFlexx DUO is the ideal combination of HPPD herbicide and dicamba, plus a highly effective CSI safener from Bayer that controls grass and broadleaf weeds. // MORE

Huskie Complete logo

Huskie Complete

Huskie Complete Herbicide introduces a unique active ingredient for grass control in spring, winter and durum wheat. It controls tough grasses, like ACCase. // MORE

Varro logo


Varro Herbicide is a flexible herbicide which allows growers to treat grass weeds in their wheat crop without jeopardizing crop safety or their rotational crop. // MORE

Autumn Super logoAutumn Super

Autumn Super Herbicide tackles tough fall & spring weeds prior to planting in corn and soybean crops. It combats glyphosate-resistant weeds in corn and soybeans. // MORE

Axiom logoAxiom

Bayer Axiom Herbicide is an Integrated Weed Management approach that controls resistant ryegrass, annual bluegrass and other weed species in cereals. // MORE

Capreno logoCapreno

With the longest-lasting residual of any post, Capreno postemergence corn herbicide delivers season-long control of more than 65 grass and broadleaf weeds. // MORE

Diflexx logoDiFlexx

DiFlexx Herbicide controls tough weeds including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, ragweed and lambsquarters, plus over 100 more annual and perennial weeds in corn. // MORE

Huskie logoHuskie

Huskie Herbicide features 2 modes of action that provide broad-spectrum control of 50 broadleaf weeds with a wide window of application in sorghum, wheat and barley. // MORE

Laudis logoLaudis

Laudis post-emergence herbicide provides powerful residual control of more than 65 grass and broadleaf weeds with unsurpassed crop safety in all types of corn. // MORE

Luxxur HerbicideLuxxur

Luxxur herbicide has the power to help protect your wheat fields from yield robbing grass and perennial weeds. Luxxur is powerful enough to control tough weeds and grasses, but still provide recropping flexibility. // MORE

Nortron logoNortron SC

Nortron SC pre-emergence herbicide provides broad-spectrum weed control by protecting sugarbeet crops through germination, emergence & earlyseedling growth stages. // MORE

Olypus logoOlympus

Olympus Herbicide is a low-dose WDG herbicide for selective control of tough grass and broadleaf weeds in winter wheat for winter or spring applications. // MORE

Osprey logoOsprey

Osprey Herbicide offers broad-spectrum grass control including Italian ryegrass and wild oats in winter wheat. Osprey provides full rotational crop flexibility. // MORE

Ricestar HT logoRicestar HT

Ricestar HT post-emergence rice Herbicide controls many major grassy weeds - including sprangletop, barnyard grass, broadleaf signal grass, fall panicum and more. // MORE

Rimfire Max logoRimfire Max

Rimfire Max Herbicide offers unsurpassed control for 30 of the toughest-to-handle, resistant grasses and broadleaf weeds in wheat that other herbicides miss. // MORE

Wolverine logoWolverine

Wolverine broad-spectrum herbicide controls 69 tough grasses and broadleaf weeds in spring cereals with a single rate. It is a convenient post-emergence solution. // MORE

Wolverine Advanced logoWolverine Advanced

Wolverine Advanced effectively manages weeds with resistance to ALS, phenoxy or glyphosate-based herbicides. It controls 69 tough grasses and broadleaf weeds. // MORE

Bayer PLUS

Get more from your crop and your investment with Bayer PLUS.// more
Learn how Capreno® herbicide delivers an amazing end-of-season clean at an ultra-low use rate.// more
Laudis postemergence corn herbicide controls weeds and keeps crops safe.// more
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