About Acceleron®


Protect Your Crops from Moisture or Nutrient Stress

Nutrient or moisture deficiencies can impair root growth, making it even harder for plants to get the nutrients and moisture they need. That’s where bio-enhancers — like the BioRise® Corn Offerings — can help. While the benefits vary by crop, bio-enhancers can:

  • Enhance functional root volume
  • Make nutrients more available to plants
  • Increase nutrient uptake

Moisture and Nutrients

Increase Functional Root Volume with Helpful Fungi

There's more than one way a plant can uptake moisture and nutrients: through its roots, of course, and also through fungal colonies that act like extensions of its roots. These fungi, called mycorrhizae, form many tiny root-like networks that reach deep into the soil and explore pockets that plant roots can't access, absorbing moisture and nutrients as they grow. Then, they send those nutrients and moisture back to the plant.

Root Growth

More Water, More Nutrients, Better Yield

BioRise® Corn Offerings increase functional root volume while also increasing water and nutrient uptake through enhanced mycorrhizal colonization. Studies show that BioRise® 360 ST increased mycorrhizal colonization by 85.1%, positively increasing yield potential.

Confidence Comes with Compatibility

Bio-enhancers are essential to a four-part approach to protection, so you can be sure all of these products are compatible with our fungicides, insecticides and nematicides.

BioRise® Corn Offerings are available seamlessly on certain corn seed products as part of our tiered offerings.

The bio-enhancer lineup includes stand-alone products for corn and cotton and other crops.