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Insects Can Impact Every Part of Your Performance

They feed on seeds and seedlings, which can cause delayed emergence, stand loss, plant injury and stunting. And they’re hard to predict — insect pressure can vary widely depending on weather, location and cropping practices.

Acceleron® insecticides control early season pests that cause significant damage to crops across the United States.

Control by Crop: What Acceleron Insecticides Offer

Corn Insecticide Benefits

Control 15 early season pests that cause significant damage to corn crops across the U.S., including wireworm, seedcorn maggot, white grub, grape colaspis and black cutworm.

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Soybean Insecticide Benefits

Control three early season insects — bean leaf beetles, early season soybean aphids and seedcorn maggot.

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Cotton Insecticide Benefits

Protect against certain sucking insects, including thrips.

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Rise Stronger with the Right Coverage

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