Yellow canola flower blooming

BUTEO™ start Insecticide
Powerful Protection From the Start

Effective and Immediate Protection

BUTEO™ start offers a layer of powerful protection against early flea beetle pressure. The effective and immediate protection from BUTEO™ start supports outstanding plant resilience in the crucial early stages.

Download the product label here. BUTEO™ start is registered in the following states: Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma

BUTEO start Key Benefits

Robust Protection
Powerful Group 4D insecticide (Flupyradifurone) offers excellent protection against striped and crucifer flea beetles
icon showing seed starting to sprout
Enables strong plant
Rapid uptake and systemic translocation from cotyledon to leaf margins allow for a strong plant right from the start, even in dry conditions
green seedling with arrow showing growth icon
Aids Plant Development
Stronger plant development leads to quicker canopy, more uniform flowering and better maturity
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Flexible Usage
Works great in combination with leading base canola seed treatments

Effective Against

Striped flea beetles
Crucifer flea beetles

Registered Crops


Use & Mixing

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