Product Information

Featuring a new class of chemistry for seed treatments, EverGol is an innovative seed treatment fungicide that promotes more root growth for faster crop establishment. Applicable on cotton, canola and cereal crops, EverGol controls seed and soil-borne disease, such as Rhizoctonia.

Key Benefits

  • Consistently Better Crop Establishment - Root growth promotes consistent early emergence, improves early vigor and fosters uniform stands, creating stronger plants, a larger stem diameter and more biomass.
  • Improved Rooting System - Provides powerful activity on seed and soil-borne diseases, including barley stripe, Rhizoctonia and barley loose smut, resulting in stronger, healthier roots and improved nutrient uptake.
  • Resistance Management - Features a new class of chemistry with a unique mode of action that supports resistance management.

Key Pests

  • Rhizoctonia (EverGol)
  • Cereal Smuts (EverGol Energy for cereals)
  • Common Bunt (EverGol Energy for cereals)

Registered Crops

  • Cotton (EverGolPrime)
  • Canola (Prosper® EverGol)
  • Cereals (EverGol Energy)

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