gaucho 600 seed treatment header cotton soybean
gaucho 600 seed treatment header cotton soybean

Gaucho® 600 Seed Treatment
Improves Plant Health

Unmatched Protection against the Worst Insects

Gaucho® 600 Flowable provides unmatched protection against the worst insects, acting both on contact to protect the roots and systemically to protect the plant.

Gaucho 600 Key Benefits

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Gaucho improves plant health, leading to higher yield
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Convenient; applied to the seed by your seed supplier
Protection from thrips and plant bugs
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Keeps aphid populations below the economic threshold for up to 65 days
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Reduces early season damage caused by bean leaf beetles and seed corn maggots
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Controls insects that spread viruses, like bean pod mottle and soybean mosaic viruses
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Easy on beneficial insects

Effective Against

Bean leaf beetles
Seedcorn maggots

Registered Crops



// Gaucho FS 600 Product Bulletin

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