Raxil PRO MD

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Product Information

For advanced broad-spectrum disease control, Raxil® PRO MD offers three modes of action against Scab, Smut, Bunt and other diseases that threaten cereal seeds and seedlings.

Treating cereal seeds with Raxil PRO MD helps them emerge strong, green and lush. Applied directly to the seed, Raxil PRO MD offers advanced broad-spectrum protection against diseases that threaten cereal seeds and seedlings promoting the development of a robust plant. The result is a healthier crop capable of producing high performance.

Even under adverse conditions, wheat treated with Raxil PRO MD has a 3.2% average yield increase over untreated seeds.

Pair Raxil PRO MD with Gaucho® for added pest protection against wireworms, helping your crop reach its full potential.

Key Benefits

  • New Generation Technology – Formulated with MD (micro-dispersion) technology to ensure better
    uniformity of seed coverage for on-farm and commercial applications
  • Disease Protection – Provides protection against a wide range of diseases including Smut, Scab, Bunt and Septoria in one convenient package
  • Strong Emergence – Wheat treated with Raxil PRO MD emerges up to 15% stronger than untreated

Key Diseases

  • Flag smut
  • Loose smut
  • Common bunt
  • Barley stripe
  • General seed rots
  • Seed-borne Fusarium scab
  • Pythium damping-off
  • Early-season Rhizoctonia root rot
  • Early-season Common root rot
  • Early-season Fusarium foot rot
  • Early-season Septoria disease complex
  • Early-season suppression of Powdery mildew and Rust

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