Raxil PRO Shield

complete disease and pest protection for wheat fields with raxil pro shield

Product Information

Give your seed an early-season advantage for stronger stands and higher yield potential with Raxil PRO Shield, a convenient all-in-one fungicide and insecticide seed treatment. Experience the same advanced broadspectrum disease control as Raxil PRO MD with three modes of action against Scab, Smut and Bunt, plus the added benefit of imidacloprid to protect seedlings from pests like wireworms and aphids.

With less early-season stress, Raxil PRO Shield enables your plant to focus energy on increased growth and seed production resulting in better root establishment, improved vigor and increased yield. Trials in 2016 showed seeds treated with Raxil PRO Shield reported an average yield increase of 1.5 bu./A vs. untreated seeds.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Protection – Delivers a high-rate insecticide coupled with a fungicide for more complete early-season stress prevention.
  • Convenience of Handling – Ready-to-use, all-in-one formulation designed for on-farm and commercial applications.
  • Plant Growth Promotion – Enables plants to focus on growth for better root establishment, improved vigor and increased yield.

Key Diseases

  • Smut
  • Bunt
  • Barley stripe
  • Seed rot
  • Seed-borne Fusarium scab
  • Pythium damping-off
  • Rhizoctonia root rot
  • Common root rot
  • Fusarium foot rot
  • Septoria disease complex

Key Pests

  • Wireworms
  • Aphids
  • Hessian fly

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