A collaborative series on innovations in agriculture from Bayer.

The Intersect

The Intersect brings together industry experts and farmers to talk about technology, exchange ideas and show how products, people and the research and development pipeline are all connected.

The System That Could Change Everything

Experts from across the industry exchange their insights and opinions about one of the most exciting innovations in agriculture — the Preceon Smart Corn System. Find out how short stature hybrids, Climate Fieldview and tailored support all work together in this one of a kind system.

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Expert Participants

Scott Stein

Scott is the North American corn revenue and product optimization lead for Bayer Crop Science where he’s spent his career for the past 24 years. His team helps develop the plan for the U.S. seed corn business and is responsible for assessing and managing value through product line and pricing, and delivering a plan to drive growth. He strives to approach each day with the intent to earn the respect of customers and those he works with.

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