How Seed Treatment Protects Your Yield

February 28, 2022

Seed Treatment

It’s rare that a spring season will have ideal growing conditions from the time seed is planted through early season seedling development. Utilizing a seed treatment can give you flexibility in planting and your seedlings the protection they need through the early growth stages. Here’s what to consider as you plan for 2022.

Planting can occur when conditions are less than ideal, or conditions can worsen for an extended period after planting. In both cases, the seed or seedlings are vulnerable to infection by one or several soilborne pathogens. Delayed planting may require additional weed control prior to planting.

Data from land-grant universities continue to indicate that early planting, if conditions are fit, provides the highest yield potential for both corn and soybeans. Early planting does present some risks that planting later in the season does not, such as cool soil conditions during planting, germination and the early seedling growth stages. Cold, wet soil temperatures delay germination and emergence while putting the seed at greater risk of infection by disease and injury from insects. If combined with wet soil conditions, damage from insects can predispose the seed to infection.

Seed treatments that contain both an insecticide and fungicide(s) can help protect the seedling for several weeks after planting, reducing the risk of unforeseen weather conditions. Control varies with the fungicide(s) applied to the seed. Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions BASIC is a combination of fungicides that help to provide protection against common seed and seedling diseases caused by various Fusarium and Pythium species as well as Rhizoctonia solani in corn and early season Phytophthora in soybean.

Learn more about Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions here or consult with your local Channel Seedsman.


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The Channel 2021 Field Research Book includes compiled and synthesized research about seed treatments and many other topics. The booklet includes key agronomy information that can serve as a resource while you prepare for the 2022 season.