How Your Corn Responds to Nitrogen

March 31, 2022

How Corn responds to Nitrogen

New products are continually brought to the Channel® corn portfolio each year to bring you more choices for your fields. With this annual influx, we know you have a short time to familiarize yourself with each product and its corresponding nitrogen (N) strategies. So let’s look at two studies that evaluate late-season plant health, corn ear flex and the influence of different N application strategies on corn yield potential.

N is a key input in corn production and is essential for a successful and profitable corn crop. Genetics for late-season plant health and ear flexibility may be an important factor in the optimum N rate, timing of application, N uptake and allocation, and impact on corn yield potential. Information about the response of individual corn products to N applications can help farmers improve their N management system.


Location: Gothenburg, NE
Crop Years: 2020 and 2021

The study compared corn characteristics from two years to evaluate late-season plant health and corn ear flex and the influence of different N application strategies on corn yield potential.

Results showed corn plants with “high” late-season plant health had a consistent positive response to split N applications, whereas “low” late-season plant health did not respond to split N applications in either 2020 or 2021.

For ear flex, results varied between 2020 and 2021 on the impact that N strategy had on “high” or “low” ear flex. Corn with “high” or “low” for ear flex had a positive response to the split N application treatment with a significant difference observed for corn classified as “high” ear flex. Corn rated with “low” ear flex also had a positive response to the split N application, but not to the same extent as corn rated with “high” ear flex.

The differences were more pronounced in 2021 than what was observed in 2020; however, the 2020 results with “high” ear flex corn had a trend for higher yields with a split N application.

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Channel 2021 Field Research Book: Corn Characteristic Response to Nitrogen-2021

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