Seed Selection: Finding the best fit for your fields

September 1, 2020

It might seem early, but now is the time to start planning for next year. Getting an early start can help you lock in the best prices on products with high yield potential. Keep reading for tips on how to choose the best seeds for your specific conditions.

Finding the right fit starts with your fields. Soil tests and field evaluations reveal valuable insights to help you make decisions for next season. Armed with custom data about soil types, previous crops, and history of diseases or pests, you can select the seeds most likely to contribute to better yield potential next harvest. Here’s what to consider:

Know your farm:

  • Consider past performance of selected products

  • Know and understand historic and emerging pest and disease challenges

  • Understand how rotation may impact soil and seed selection

Select seed field by field

  • Recognize the unique needs of each field:

  • Take advantage of seed diversity to find the best match field by field

Tap the experts:

  • Lean on your Channel Seedsman to discuss options and recommendations

  • Tune in to regional agronomy reports and experts to better understand emerging challenges

  • Ask about new products and their benefits

The Channel® Seed Finder tool allows farmers to browse products recommended for their area by their local agronomist. The tool helps farmers quickly search and compare:

  • Relative maturity
  • Trait
  • Insect protection trait type
  • Channel® Protexus® corn products
  • GDUS to mid-pollination
  • GDUS to black layer
  • Agronomic characteristics
  • Disease
  • New products

Channel products are tested under a wide range of growing conditions, so you can be confident you’re getting the best possible genetics for your local growing area. Channel offers genetic diversity and a range of options that can help maximize performance across different conditions and different needs.

Every Channel product undergoes a rigorous selection process using field-proven, precision-breeding technology to help maximize plant vigor and yield potential. Our Seedsmen work closely with farmers to make the best product recommendations with the highest performance potential for the growing conditions, helping to contribute to a successful season.

To access your local product recommendations, visit the Channel Seed Finder.