Bayer Solutions for Walnut Botryosphaeria

May 9, 2023

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Product Information

Botryosphaeria, or Bot, is a fungal disease that spreads by spores that germinate and enter the tree through existing wounds or scars, such as those from scale infestation, pruning, leaf and fruit drop or bud scars. The disease leads to dieback in shoots and fruiting buds and an overall decline in walnut tree health.

Luna Sensation® and Luna Experience® are fungicide options that are highly effective in controlling Bot fungi, while Movento® insecticide provides effective control or suppression of scale and other major insects and mite pests to prevent tree damage that can worsen Bot infection.

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Controlling Walnut Bot

Walnut growers can preserve the health and longevity of walnut orchards and prevent the spread of Bot with a combination of cultural controls and chemical solutions. Together, these methods can control both Botryosphaeria pathogens and damaging insects that make the trees more susceptible to the diseases.

  • Luna Sensation and Luna Experience fungicides also provide effective control of Botryosphaeria panicle and shoot blight in walnut production.
  • Movento insecticide provides effective control of scale and other major insects and mite pests to prevent tree damage that allows Bot infection.

Bayer Walnut Botryosphaeria program

Current Research

Research trials conducted by the University of California in 2013 showed a significant decrease in infected shoots, peduncles and husks compared to untreated controls with the application of Luna Experience in mid-May, June and July.

Infected Shoots, Infected Peduncles, Infected Husks

In addition, walnut trees in a university/grower large plot trial treated with Luna Experience and Luna Sensation programs delivered 1,167 and 695 pounds per acre of increased walnut yields compared to untreated controls.

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