Tips for Tackling Multiple Citrus Pests

April 24, 2017

itrus fruits barely visible beneath thick citrus tree foilage

Growers need comprehensive pest-control solutions to ensure a strong crop — especially when that crop is as vital to the state economy as citrus is to California.

With decades of experience in Southern California's year-round growing season, PCAs David Holden and Craig Harris have dealt with numerous pests, from citrus bud mite and California red scale to the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP). They offer Movento® insecticide as an answer for their growers.

The product's unique two-way systemic action offers longer control and suppression of multiple pest populations, easy foliar application and protection against resistance. With Movento, growers protect their yields and see enhanced vigor in their crops.

“Movento has been very effective in knocking the pests down and keeping them down for a longer period,” Holden said. “We’ve seen far better red scale control with Movento than with other products.”

Harris explained that the growers he consults are pleased with the product's control of destructive pests.

“The thing about Movento is the fact we can rotate with a material that will control bud mite and control red scale,” he said.


Controlling the Growing ACP Threat

California growers can also rely on Movento as a reliable solution for ACP. Both Holden and Harris believe being educated about the signs of ACP and the materials for controlling it is critical.

“Be on alert if it is found in your grove or nearby,” Holden warns. “Don’t wait to see what’s going to happen. Follow the protocols that have been established. Let’s do everything we can to keep it from becoming established in California, particularly in the commercial citrus growing regions.”

Protecting Against Resistance

Movento has a unique mode of action that fits well into an integrated pest management program. A rotation that includes Movento helps to slow the growing insecticide resistance problem.

“We’ve got another tool that we can use to slow down this resistance problem we think we might run into down the road,” Harris said.

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