Glyphosate Concentration Comparison: Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide

January 23, 2023

For nearly 50 years, generations of farmers have relied on the trusted, branded glyphosates of Roundup® agricultural herbicides. The innovation & excellence that growers have come to expect continues with Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide.

See how Roundup PowerMAX® 3 compares to generics:

How Roundup PowerMAX3 compares to generics

With its 30 fl. oz./A use rate and proprietary surfactant package, Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide is rooted in performance to help growers tackle the biggest challenges.

Continue reading to see how Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide compares to the competition.

Highest Concentration of Glyphosate* in the U.S. Market

Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide contains a proprietary surfactant blend with a higher concentration of glyphosate per gallon, 4.8 lb. A.E. per gallon, enabling more coverage with each gallon. Simply put – growers can potentially cover more acres per gallon compared to competing products*.

Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide contains a proprietary surfactant blend with a higher concentration of glyphosate per gallon, enabling more coverage with each gallon.

This exclusive surfactant enables fast absorption and provides growers with consistent control over yield-robbing weeds, resulting in translocation throughout the plant, including the root system. Compared to generic herbicide products on the market, as well as the 45-year history of current Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides, the newest formulation has the highest concentration of glyphosate on the U.S. market. This highly concentrated product enables growers to spray the same number of acres with less product*.

Earn More Using Roundup PowerMAX® 3: Bayer PLUS Rewards

Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides are the only glyphosate products included in Bayer PLUS Rewards – a broad portfolio of high-performance products designed to provide growers with flexibility and rewards on eligible purchases all season long.

Bayer PLUS Rewards calculator

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