Evaluation of DEKALB® Brand Corn Products to Planting Rates

November 15, 2022


  • Planting rates are a key decision for maximizing product yield potential. Understanding how a product responds to planting rates is a critical component of the decision-making process.
  • This trial was conducted to evaluate the response of DEKALB® Brand corn products to planting rates.
  • Questions include -
    • Which DEKALB® brand products provide the highest potential return on investment for increasing seeding rates?
    • Which planting rate or ranges of rates optimize the potential performance of a DEKALB® brand product at Scott, MS?
  • Knowing the appropriate planting rate and the associated potential net return is important for agronomic and financial planning.
  • Product performance based on planting rate is useful when ordering DEKALB® corn products for planting in 2023.


  • All agronomic inputs were applied per local standards.
  • Planted on bedded 38-inch rows.
  • Single row planting.
  • 265 lbs N per acre as liquid - surface application.
  • Planting rates were 28,000, 33,000, 38,000, and 43,000 seeds/acre
  • Single replication strip plot
    • Greenhouse North: 6 rows x 140 feet long (0.061 acres/plot)
    • Field D1: 12 rows x 100 feet long (0.87 acres/plot)
  • Plots planted and harvested with commercial equipment.
  • DEKALB® brand insect protected products planted at Greenhouse North Location (Table 1).
  • DEKALB® brand refuge products planted at Field D1 location (Table 2).
Table 1. DEKALB® Brand products planted at Greenhouse North Location Scott, Mississippi

Table 2. DEKALB® Brand refuge products planted at Field D1

Site Details

  • Analysis
    • Yields
      • Entire plots harvested – 6 (Greenhouse North) or 12 (Field D1) rows.
    • Return on Investment calculations (all future references to “return on investment” in this article use this calculation).
      • All yields (bu/acre) corrected to 15.5% moisture content.
      • Seed cost – Assumed to be -
        • Technology Products – $ 5.00/1000 kernels
        • Refuge Products – $4.25/1000 kernels
    • Grain Price – August 2023 delivery (2023 used for future budgeting and planning)
      • $6.36/bu @ 15.5% moisture content
    • For each comparison, products with less than $10.00/acre return excluded from calculations.


  • The germination and plant establishment for each planting rate was approximately 92%.
  • Typical yield responses were observed in this data (Figures 1 and 2).
  • Products with less than $10.00/acre return were excluded from calculations.
  • Observations (Table 3 and Figures 1 and 2):
Table 3. Observations for Average Yield and Return on Investment by Seeding Rate Comparison

Figure 1. Corn product yields for the different seeding rates for the technology products.

Figure 2. Corn product yields for the different seeding rates for the refuge products.


  • Growers should carefully evaluate the response of individual corn products to seeding rates for three factors:
    • If seeding rates are increased, do yields increase?
    • Will my chosen product respond to seeding rates?
    • Will products maintain adequate standability with increasing seeding rates?
  • Return on Investment estimates can range among products. For the tested products, the range was from -$89.00/acre to $149.00/acre depending on the comparison.
  • This type of data helps growers determine planting parameters prior to seed purchase and planting season.