Evaluation of Asgrow® Brand Soybean Products on Southern Soils

December 14, 2023


  • Each year trials are conducted at the Scott Learning Center in Scott, Mississippi, to evaluate adaptation of soybean products on two very different soil types: the Buckshot site has a heavy clay soil, and the Highway site has a deep, sandy soil.
  • This trial was conducted to measure the yield performance of 14 Asgrow® brand soybean products with various relative maturities grown on two different alluvial delta soil types.
    • All field work, tillage, and herbicides were applied per local standards.


Table image

  • Statistical design and data collection:
    • Non-replicated strip plot: 8 rows per plot.
    • 38-inch rows on beds with two drills on top, 7.5 inches apart.
    • Plot Size: 0.25 to 0.30 acre/plot with rows between 400 and 500 feet long depending on the experiment.
    • Commercial machinery was used to harvest the plots.
    • All yield values were corrected to a 13.5% moisture content equivalent for data presentation.

Site Details table


  • Yield Performance
    • Highway Site
      • Yield values ranged from 64.3 to 88.9 bu/acre
      • Average yield across all products (varieties) – 72.2 bu/acre
    • Buckshot Site
      • Yield values ranged from 76.6 to 98.8 bu/acre
      • Average yield across all products (varieties) – 87.7 bu/acre


  • Soybean yield potential varied across the two tested soil types, with a higher average yield potential from plants grown on the heavy clay soil of the Buckshot as compared to the potential from the plants grown on the lighter sandy soils of the Highway site. These data are consistent with results observed in previous years.
  • Asgrow® brand appears to have a selection of well adapted soybean products for both tested production environments. Some soybean products appear to be better adapted to one environment compared to the other.
  • Please contact your local Asgrow® brand representative for more details on soybean products for your area.