A Deeper Dive Into Our Latest Below-Ground Corn Traits

November 7, 2023

Corn farmers are always looking for the best ways to protect their crops from yield-robbing pests. But do you know which trait is the right fit for your fields? It’s crucial to find what works for your operation, so our experts broke down the latest corn rootworm trait offerings.

Watch this video to hear directly from our team on the below-ground corn traits Bayer has been developing for your specific needs.

In the video from left to right: Andrew Penney, Technical Agronomist; Safeer Hassan, Corn Systems Manager; Ryan Tichich, North America Corn Ag Systems Lead; Edwin Benkert, Technology Development Representative.

Finding the right trait for your fields is important to protect your yield potential during the season. If you found corn rootworm damage on your roots this year, we recommend talking to your dealer or local Bayer representative about the various traits Bayer has to offer such as:

SmartStax® PRO With RNAi Technology logo

SmartStax® PRO with RNAi Technology, a trait that offers the strongest biotech defense from Bayer against corn rootworm pressure while still providing protection against above-ground pests. It’s recommended for high-pressure situations.

VT4PRO with RNAi Technology, which provides our widest spectrum of insect defense from Bayer. With top-to-bottom protection, this trait offers protection against both above- and below-ground corn pests. It's also recommended for fields with low to moderate corn rootworm pressure.

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